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In big projects, with lots of dependencies, the WEB-INF/lib folder is often crowded with jars. I really feel that there is a lot more than we use. As our project is ...

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im using Netbeans 6.9.1 and tomcat. i have Java web application and a java application. im accessing a method from jsp to my java application. the method uses a jar inside ...

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Hi I am building a NB Platform App for distribution using Java Web Start. I am using Mac OS X, Java 6.0 and NB 6.9. When I try and 'Build JNLP Application' I get this error: 'Point -Djnlp.servlet.jar to your jnlp-servlet.jar, usually in $JDKHOME/sample/jnlp/servlet/jnlp-servlet.jar' I have searched my entire hard-drive for this JAR and can not find it. Am I missing ...

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Hi, I just changed my pc. I copied my project folder from the old pc to new one. I have also added glassfish server v3 to the projects run configuration. Yet the netbeans is not able to recognize the servlet jar files from the glassfish server. I can see glassfish server libraries shown up in the project explorer. Any ideas why ...

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Sun's recommended deployment scheme for servlets is a "war" - or "Web ARchive" file - which is simply a jar with the file extension changed to "war". Once it's on the server, some servers may unpack the jar, but that's really just an internal quirl of the server. Within the WAR file, the servlets classes are placed in the WEB-INF/classes directory. ...

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Hello, I'm just starting out with Tomcat, JSP, and servlets as you'll be able to tell from my questions: I have a Tomcat server running with an application under the examples directory such that I type http://ourfineschool.edu:8088/examples/name_of_app/admin It works fine. Now I need to add another app which I hoped to access with the same URL except I would replace the ...

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Thank You for your reply, Now I came to know that where to put my .jar inside the Tomcat directory... that is under WEB-INF/LIB isn't it? But still i am facing some problem while running the servelt inside that .jar file..? I mean it is showing me "Page not found error....". Could you please give me the answer of the following ...

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I can deploy my war file to a bare bones, fresh tomcat installation and it will run just peachy. And then came the idea of "What if we embedded Jetty into our app? Maybe instead of one war file and tomcat, we could have just one jar file. That would be so much easier for people to install!" I've never used ...

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Bear, I'm working on a project that has made heavy use of your jsp constant library (ccc.jar). We are suddenly having a problem with it, and I thought I'd run this past you to see if you've ever seen it... We have a clustered application (using JBoss 4.2.1) that makes heavy use of the ccc library. We have JSP pages that ...

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I'm afraid I can't find them. I went to the spec for j5ee and then 'Final Release' and a few more links after that only to be offered the the Java Application Server binary. I went back to the JavaRanch page you suggested, followed down the EJB trail only to find myself back at the J5EE download page at http://java.sun.com/javaee/downloads/index.jsp I ...

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Hi, Let's say we have a JAR file containing a bunch of .gif image files that we want to use in our application. Here's how we could access an image file from the JAR using the JARRESOURCES JarResources jar = new JarResources ("Images.jar"); Image logo = Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit().createImage (jar.getResource ("ujjwal_photos.jpg"); That code snippet shows that we can create a JarResources object initialized ...

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Because a servlet can not see the CLASSPATH I can not figure out how to get it to see the libraries inside the ojdbc14.jar library file. It does NOT solve the problem, to just put that file in the classes directory, directly under the WEB-INF. Running a test (outside the servlet) if I empty the classpath i.e. issue at the prompt ...

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Hello to all, I have create the a Java class library project from Netbeans which produces a jar file in order to enforce module design of the application. In module A, this is a module used for database access related functionality. In this module A, I have used of CDI concepts which this bean will then used in some other web ...

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Hi, so here is the all data (I'm using Eclipse) : 1. I developed a class with a static method. The method is called "CheckFlow()" and returns String. That class is using another jar files and dlls, that located inside the same project. I put that class in a new package called "Hasp" (not in the default package), made it public ...

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Hi I have one jar in one server and the jsp's in a different server, and I want to send the order to execute it from one jsp, but I want it to execute in the server with the jar not in the server with the jsp's or the client, Can someone tell me how to do it or it can't ...

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