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1. calling a .jsp page from a javabean

2. Calling javabeans from JSP

4. Calling Java Bean from JSP

I have registerform.jsp which asks for FirstName and LastName.The action passes to showData.jsp. I have a java bean class of setters and getters javabeans.CallingJavaBean When I compile showData.jsp I get error message: org.apache.jasper.JasperException: Cannot find a method to read property 'firstName' in a bean of type 'javabeans.CallingJavaBean' can anyone help me??? register.jsp ************ ...

6. Calling a Java Bean from JSP Problem

If u r using IIS and ServletExec then u need to place the class file of ur bean in C:/Program Files/New Atlanta/ServletExec API/classes directory.Also Do not forget to replicate the package structure for the class in above directory.. I think this should solve ur problem since i just now faced the same problem.

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9. Trouble calling a JavaBean from JSP

Hello Phil, I hadn't tried that. I imported the class and everything now works as expected. Do you always have to import your own classes even though they are in the WEB-INF\classes directory? I have tried other examples from books/tutorials and they worked. As a rule should you always import your own classes? Thank you so much for your help!

10. calling java bean from servlet

11. calling javabeans from a servlet

hi there, i have a servlet and I need to create a new instance of a javabean i have also created, but my servlet is about four folders away from the javabean. my servlet is within WEB-INF/classes/com/mycompany and my javabeans are just within my context root. it won't allow me to create my java beans within the servlet, giving me an ...

12. Call JavaBean Method from JSP

This is in some ways a hypothetical question, though I have run into some situations where I have needed to do this and I cannot find any documentation indicating it is possible. I have a fairly basic JavaBean. I have no issues initializing it and getting/setting properties. What I cannot find any information on is how to call a plain old ...