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1. Newbie question about Java    stackoverflow.com

Okay, I know that Java is a language but somebody has asked me if they can write a web application to interface in with a web app I've written in ASP.NET. ...

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I am trying to write a JavaBean to be used in a JSP, such that when a user writes the url to an external website the bean filters the page before ...

3. How to throw an exception out of my java bean    stackoverflow.com

I use a javaBean in my jsp-application to store form values. This is how I get my values into my bean. This code is part of my form.jsp

try {  

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I am developing a web application using JSP, but it seems that the Java EE is very big for my application. I only doing something like a blog. Can I use ...

5. Stop input from JavaBean    stackoverflow.com

I'm currently building a web game which takes input from user, places the data in a javabean, and then updates the board and checks for a winner. I'm able to send ...

6. JavaBeans being used with complex types    stackoverflow.com

I'm not sure if I've even labelled this question properly. But what I'm trying to do is map a Javabean to form inputs that I have. Except the Bean contains a ...

7. Javabeans and JSP 2.0    stackoverflow.com

So I'm trying to build a table based on the search results from a database access. I'm searching for courses, so I have a javabean called CourseJBean, which has a number of ...

8. Java Bean not working as expected    stackoverflow.com

OK, I have a JSP running the following script section.

<% irCollection mgrq = new irCollection();  
mgrq.setMgrid("Chris Novish"); 
int pagenum;
if (request.getParameter("p") != null) { 
String pagedatum=request.getParameter("p");
pagenum = Integer.parseInt(pagedatum); 
} else ...

9. JavaBeans and JSPs    coderanch.com

To bean or to bean that is the question! Do the classes referred to in the jsp:useBean tag really have to be beans (ie having associated InfoBean classes) or can any classes be used? I'm using objects just to hold data that is used by JSPs but I don't need any event handling so if possible I would prefer not to ...

10. Java Bean in JSP    coderanch.com

I am starting to learn about using Java Beans. I copied some Java Bean codes from a book and compiled the .java file to a .class file. No problem. Placed the .class file in ....\webapps\root\myjsp\WEB-INF\classes folder. The JSP files are in ....\webapps\root\myjsp. When I tried to call the bean, I got the following error: org.apache.jasper.JasperException: getProperty: Mandatory attribute property missing at ...

11. JSP, JavaBean Coding with JavaScript    coderanch.com

Have you tried this Jsp variable in javascript: The otherway round is not possibile directly. Either you have to pass the javascript variable as a url to another jsp page or submit the page to another jsp page with javascript variable as a hidden field.

12. javabeans problem.    coderanch.com

Well i have bean in the following package. package pro; public class FirstBean { int val; public void set(int i){ this.val=i; } public int get(){ return val; } } I am using tomcat4 jsp files i have putten in c:\tomcat4\webapps\examples\jspfiles wrox have specified put in classes folder or in the web-inf\lib folder. I have not lib folder in tomcat in web-inf ...

13. Using WML & Java Bean in JSP    coderanch.com

Hi All, I currently have a JSP that contains WML content. I would like call a method on a java bean so that I can get data from a database and place this data into wml. Every time I call the JSP, I get the following error:- The Parser could NOT parse the current Deck. Please check the WML code. -Not ...

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15. java bean each line twice being executed twice    coderanch.com

Hi,I havwe created a java bean to be used with 2 jsp's .my first jsp is a form where some of the fields are being prepolulated using some of method from this bean ,then this form gets submits and a new jsp is being called ,This jsp calles getter and setter method of this bean and main bussiness method of of ...

16. A question about jsp+javabean.    coderanch.com

I have downloaded a jsp+bean programme.The bean programme is right running on java editor,the "checkUser()" return is false. But in jsp the result is error,the "checkUser()" return is true.The parameters of input are same.I don't know why. My English is poor,I hope you can understand me.Thank you! The programme is: //-----------------------------------------db.java package db; /** * A Class class. *

* ...

17. java bean problem    coderanch.com

Hi, I am getting error in jsp page at call to the Bean method. I am useing tomcat webserver and copying the complied bean class into c:>tomacat install dir/webapps/ROOL/WEB-INF/classes Here is .jsp file contents <% String sFindText = request.getParameter("txtFind"); String sReplaceWith =request.getParameter("txtReplace"); %> <%= b1.hello("padma") ...

18. Doubt in JavaServerPages and in JavaBeans???    coderanch.com

Hi friends I am having 5 jsp pages.each jsp page contains one Javabeans in which database connection and relevant results are fetched from the database and the results are returned to the corresponding jsp page.so if i succesffuly logged into my application then for each jsp page i am accessing the javabeans which will connect to the database connection and return ...

19. JavaBeans in Model 2    coderanch.com

Okay. So even though the bean was instantiated within an implemented Action's method (within the servlet-controller's instance), and not as a class member, it's still open to multi-threading issues dependent on which scope I place it in. I can understand, logically, why an Application scope would be open to multiple threads... it's being shared by all threads... but is this inherently ...

20. java bean in JSP ?    coderanch.com

The advantage derived by JavaBeans by liveraging on the introspection used by the bean containers to achive runtime changes is known. Therefore the use of JavaBean components in visual components is evident,what i want to know is "what is the distictive characteristic of java beans in a non visual interface context that edges it over a normal java object?" or What ...

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22. JSP/Java Bean problem    coderanch.com

I've done some servlet work before, but I am new to JSP's and having a problem. I have a jsp that does a jdbc-odbc lookup and returns the data which works fine. But as soon as I move the jdbc code into a bean it quits working. I have one method that establishes the connection, then I set a key from ...

23. JSP/Java Bean problem    coderanch.com

smukund Welcome to the Java Ranch, we hope youll enjoy visiting as a regular however, your name is not in keeping with our naming policy here at the ranch. Please change your display name to an appropriate name as shown in the policy. Thanks again and we hope to see you around the ranch!! Do you get a line number for ...

24. javabeans for business logic or to maintain state?    coderanch.com

As I see it, the main virtue of the Java Bean conventions for JSP are the ease of getting and setting variables and holding them over the duration of a session. People do use them for business logic, particularly if it is simple database access, etc. but you don't want something that is going to be held in a session to ...

25. javaBeans vs regular objects    coderanch.com

Hi Could someone explain any benefits to using javabeans over normal class objects. I would have thought the normal objects would be more flexible. I realise that you can use ides to develop beans and that it makes it easier to identifier the names of methods to get and set fields in beans but other than that i cant see any ...

26. Java Bean    coderanch.com

A java bean is a simple data structure which is responsible for carring data and not complex logic. You should determine the rules for getting and setting attibutes but nothing beyond this. Coding this way, the final result will show lots of classes with the responsibility well distributed. Each class has its own role in the system and data structure is ...

27. JSP and JavaBeans ??    coderanch.com

normally you would write a normal Class providing a parameterless constructor and implementing serializable. This is everything a class needs to be called a JavaBean. A Bean typically offers public get and set methods (so called accessors) to provide access to the private properties. The above is valid for Beans following the strict recommendations and requirements of the Spec (e.g. if ...

28. Are javabeans of any use?    coderanch.com

Hi I am new to jsp and javabeans so i'm trying to decide where its best to use beans. AFAIK beans are held in server ram and thus therefore should not be too resource intensive. Bearing this in mind i see no use for them other than maintaining state which can be maintained else where using implicit objects. So my question ...

30. Accessing javabean method in onClick?    coderanch.com

I have a textarea field in a form that gets populated with a string of data that a method in a JavaBean returns. The textarea is initially populated with the text when the page is brought up using the following code: I want to be able to access the JavaBean method at other ...

31. A question about JavaBean?    coderanch.com

The Error may be like you have changed the class file & server may not be getting updated version of class file. Do Stop Start for the server you are using. If using Tomcat4.1 do --> reloadable property to true in context path setting in server.xml file, so whenever your class file is updated it will automatically reloaded in server. I ...

32. JavaBean and JSP.    coderanch.com

Hi, I am using JRun 4 Application Server. I have a bean class which will read the database and convert the same in to XML file. This bean is instantiated and the method to create the XML is called. Now my problem is, I want to store the XML file in a specific directory on the server. Right now If I ...

34. JSP and JavaBeans    coderanch.com

I am finding problems using a simple Bean in a JSP Page. The bean code is given below: public class HelloBean { private String name = "World"; public void setName(String name) { this.name = name; } public String getName() { return name; } } I have placed the source code and the .class file in install_dir/webapps/ROOT/WEB-INF/classes directory The JSP code is ...

35. JSP file couldn't recognized JavaBeans    coderanch.com

The NumColDate.jsp file uses the bean MyCalendar.java. But when I try to access the bean, I got an error "Undefined variable or class mybean" Here are my files... MyCalendar.java ---------------- package mybeans; import java.util.*; public class MyCalendar{ Calendar c; int year,month,day; public MyCalendar(){ c=Calendar.getInstance(); } public int getYear(){ year=c.get(Calendar.YEAR); return year; } public int getMonth(){ month=c.get(Calendar.MONTH)+1; return month; } public int ...

36. Jsp and javabean    coderanch.com

maybe you're losing the session between pages?? try printing out the Session ID on both pages -- are they different? if yes -- then make sure your browser accepts cookies. Or better yet... encode all your URLs with response.encodeURL() -- if cookies are disabled, it will automatically append the SessionID to the URL.

37. JSP WITH JAVABEANS    coderanch.com

38. JSP Java bean Dead Lock    coderanch.com

Hi I am using a java bean in JSP. This bean calls a perticular api which tries to connect to some legacy back end system. Sometimes the api which i call respond back after say 10 mins & its 2 long for a user to wait . I want to find out a way where while calling this api from java ...

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40. ARRRGGGGHHH - Stupid Javabeans - Again! :(    coderanch.com

Hi there everyone, I am still having a problem with using a simple javabean in my jsp page. I'll put the error message at the bottom of this post. Its essentially saying that the class for the mean can't be found. Here's some additional info that I am desperately hoping will help: The bean is located in the WEB-INF/classes directory and ...

41. JSP and Java Bean    coderanch.com

42. what's wrong with the javabean?    coderanch.com

I'm a Chinese student,so my English is not very well, I wrote a JspCalendar.java which returned the time,I put it under the WEB-INF/classes/dates. and use it can pass in my local host, but when I put them under the hired space WEB-INF/classes/dates,can not see the correct ...

43. how to let javascript function recgonize java bean?    coderanch.com

I am using javabean and javascript in a jsp page, and having problems passing parameters to javascript function: ------------------------------------------------------- Problem 1: ... ... ... Welcome, <%=login.getUserID() %>! ... ...

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45. problem using javabean in JSP    coderanch.com

46. java bean..    coderanch.com

Hi... You would come across MVC framework in many books. This framework specifies : Bean - Model JSP/Swing - View Servlet - Controller Bean contains all the business logic. JSP/Swing is the view that the users see. The user is least concerned with what is going on in the background. Even at the design time, the designers should not be bother ...

47. an exception when using JavaBean    coderanch.com

48. javabeans don't reside in translation unit?    coderanch.com

I think what they are trying to get at is that the tag handler objects are created and used by the JSP container, while your JavaBean objects are created and used by your application. If you think about it, you never write code that creates an instance of your tag handler class, or even refers to an instance of it. Does ...

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56. JSP displaying a Javabean    coderanch.com

I created a javabean that takes the input from a checkbox for 6 different cabs, Cab 1, Cab2, Cab3 etc. I have private variables cab1Counter++ etc., in my bean with associated get and set methods for each cabCounter. I created the below JSP to give me a summary of my inputs. MY PROBLEM: If I select an item it gets incremented, ...

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58. JavaBeans Newbie    coderanch.com

Hello; I am new to this. I have a page that loads up a bean each time the page is loaded. It was my understanding if the response object doesn't contain the bean a new one will be instainiated. I am getting these errors (all the same thing): E:\websites\AuctionsFind\web\work\org\apache\jsp\Contact_jsp.java:48: cannot resolve symbol symbol : class ContactBean location: class org.apache.jsp.Contact_jsp ContactBean contactData ...

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61. Use a javaBean in a jsp    coderanch.com

I am trying to connect to a java bean from a .jsp, but the server is giving an HTTP Status 500 error. Can someone tell me what might be wrong. Here is my code: CalculatorBean: public class CalculatorBean { public int doubleIt(int number) { return 2 * number; } } SimplePage.jsp: <% int i ...

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63. Javabean in JSP impossible    coderanch.com

Hi! I have been trying for two days to start using javabeans with jsp but I cant get my jsp-file to use a bean that I have created. I save the .jsp file in: C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 5.5\webapps\ROOT\kise And the javabean is saved in: C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 5.5\webapps\ROOT\WEB-INF\classes\Beans The code for the bean is: package Beans; import java.io.*; import ...

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65. javabean problem    coderanch.com

here is my Customer.class package estore; import java.sql.*; import java.io.*; import java.util.*; public class Customer { private String FName; private String LName; private String Address; private String City; private String Country; private String Zipcode; private String Telephone; private String EMail; private int Customer_ID; public Customer(int Customer_ID,String FName,String LName,String Address,String City, String Country,String Zipcode,String Telephone,String EMail) { this.Customer_ID = Customer_ID; this.FName = ...

66. javabean problem    coderanch.com

here is my Customer.class package estore; import java.sql.*; import java.io.*; import java.util.*; public class Customer { private String FName; private String LName; private String Address; private String City; private String Country; private String Zipcode; private String Telephone; private String EMail; private int Customer_ID; public Customer(int Customer_ID,String FName,String LName,String Address,String City, String Country,String Zipcode,String Telephone,String EMail) { this.Customer_ID = Customer_ID; this.FName = ...

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75. Why Use JavaBeans?    coderanch.com

Hello all, Why use JavaBeans? Are JavaBeans anything more than just regular class files that follow certain structural criteria? In all of my research, the word reusability comes up a lot. Could someone give me a real-world example of where a JavaBean could be used in one application and then re-used in another? Thanks!

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hi guys .. am learning jsp now .. well as was searching for examples on net i got one program which is some thing like this BeanTest.jsp Reusing JavaBeans in JSP

Reusing JavaBeans in JSP


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Sir, I have this code *********************************************************************** try{ connect conn=new connect(); con=conn.createConnection(); String pattern="Noun Verb Noun"; String[] arPat=pattern.split(" "); System.out.println("Len : "+arPat.length); for(int i=0;i

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On click i want to set a bean property to a name. When this bean is set, i plan to access that value from a second page. Though i'm unable to setName(), i'm still able to use myBean.getName() in the second page. (i can get my default value ....null) How do ...

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