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I have a JSP page that displays a table from a database query. If the file chooser box isn't null, then on the click of the save button it should pass the file path to my java bean and write the file.... this works on my local sun java app server, but not on the real sun java app server. (for ...

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I am trying to deploy my first .jsp page invoking a JavaBean, but I keep getting an HTTP error 500 message. The file is called time.jsp. and is inside the ROOT directory of my apache-tomcat installation: C:\apache-tomcat-6.0.16\webapps\ROOT\time.jsp. The code for this page is simple: Date JSP Date ...

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Hey All, I was thinking of doing some basic jsp and css page projects. I thought to create a questionaire page where users will have an option to choose the correct answer from a radio button. Lets say there are total of 10 questions with 4 choices given for each question and one should be correct. After the user select the ...