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1. JSP: Use information from one page to another

I currently have a JSP page with a Form for the user to enter their name, but what I want is to get the user forwarded to a different JSP page ...

2. HELP HELP---java update help in java bean jsp page

there is no one who knows how can i do this..plz some help would be really appreciated.. new to this thing need to know how code works.. I have this code that ...

3. jsp page javabean dialog box

I have this:

<% if (nameBean.getTxnType().equalsIgnoreCase("Update"))
   { %>
    <TD><B>Gender: </B></TD>
    <TD><INPUT TYPE=TEXT NAME="tbGender" 

4. how to access same javabean in previous web page?

Hi,all I have a screen web page a.jsp with a submit button, I used a javabean in a.jsp with name say "bean1", the submit button will bring to another web page b.jsp, in b.jsp I need to access the data in "bean1" , how to do that ? by javabean's "scope" attribute ? Thanks a lot for the help, sample codes ...

5. Getting back information from a JavaBean in a JSP page

If I understand you correctly, you want the bean to run on the user's browser, right? In that case the applet is still your best bet. You can use JavaScript to get data from the applet into a form that gets submitted. When generating the

6. how to reuse the java bean in parent page

I have one index.jsp file which contains multiple frames, each frame is another jsp file, like frame1.jsp, frame2.jsp, frame3.jsp, etc.. I need only parse a single variable from a xml file in the index.jsp, most of the parsing is done in frame1.jsp, which is in a child frame. There is a java bean created to parse the xml, I do ...

7. Using JavaBeans in JSP pages- ClassCastException problem

Hello All, To begin with, I have a simple inheritance hierarchy: Class B and class C, both extend from class A Next, I have the following two JSP pages: infobean1.jsp infobean2.jsp I get a ClassCastException (reason being that B and C both are different types, although they have ...

8. problem with jsp page and java bean