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1. Passing DataSource object from a servlet to a JavaBean

I like the ease of using @Resource annotation to get a DataSource, but as far as I know, it's not possible to use it in a regular JavaBean. Would it be ...

2. Not able to pass value from servlet to JSP

Code Updated with web.xml and Servlet configuration I am trying to forward some value from my servlet to JSP, but when I am trying to access that value into JSP, there is ...

3. passing old value back to javabean from javascript

I have this piece of javascript:

<script type="text/javascript">
function show_confirm()

var type = '<%= nameBean.getTxnType() %>';
var old_cd = '<%= nameBean.getCode() %>';
var new_cd = document.getElementById("tbCode").value;
var cd;

if (type == "Update")
    if(old_cd ...

4. How to pass the information from servlet to normal java class or java bean

How to get the information which is stored in a session of servlet from a normal java class..

5. How do I pass reference of a global hashtable to a java bean?

Please help with this: I have A.jsp which has a application scope Hashtable as below use.put(session.getId(), loginName) I have a java bean which is supposed to remove the loginName when session expires. C.jsp is supposed to retrieve the hashtable data from and display in the browser for the currently logged on users. My question I ...

7. JavaBean losing reference when passed to JSP - help!

I'm writing a web application using Servlets, JavaBeans and JSPs. I have a problem when using a Servlet to create a JavaBean and then place the JavaBean into the session object (using HttpSession.putValue), and then using RequestDispatcher to forward control to a JSP. The JSP then uses "useBean" to get a reference to the bean I just placed in the session. ...

9. Passing JavaBean from jsp to servlet

Yes I understand that it is not required to build a bean at login and I am aware that this could be done in the way you specified But this is just an example where I am trying to set bean in the jsp and pass it on to servlet. Could you explain how to pass bean from jsp to servlet. ...

10. pass data to JSP from Servlet using Java Bean

11. how to call the method from the java bean and pass it to JSP textbox

i'm quite new to java thats why i'm asking how to call a method in the java bean file and pass it to the JSP textbox. My projects are communicating JSP with C#. i had successfully created a C# client bean file for JSP. The whole process is to type something on the server(C# programming) and it would appear in the ...

12. How to pass a populated Java bean to a jsp