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1. How to build a servlet for an application hoste in a different server

Hello all, I hope you can help me. I need to create a servlet that receive an html request with some post type parameters. Process some information and return an xml file in the response for example, receive a poll id number, do a PollsQuestionLocalServiceUtil.getQuestion(id) for polls portlet and return an xml in the html response with an xml of the ...

2. Servlet Integration in Porlet

Dear all, as in the subject, I'm trying to make work a servlet defined inside a portlet but I'm not able to make the enviroment load the correct class for the servlet. The servlet is provided by a servlet.jsp file in the root of the portlet. In the beginning of the servlet I import a java file. <%@page import="org.biolab.decide.server.HtmlServlet"%> Unfortunately the ...

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9. securing a PortalDelegateServlet servlet

I have a servlet that I'd like to serve up from the portal. I've got it configured to go through PortalDelegateServlet, so that the servlet gets Portal's session (side question: why do I get session, but not request attributes?). However, anybody can access the servlet, not just those who are authenticated and have a portal session. I'd like to use the ...

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14. Servlet file is not getting called


Hi Guys!! I need your help very much! I have some jasper reports to show in pdf but i found here that is not possible to set the ContentType from a portlet to "application/pdf" ..ok.. I also have found that I have to create a servlet in order to show this pdf. Please, can you teach me how to create this ...

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