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1. Modifying login jsps in extension environment does not override defaults    liferay.com

Hi, if you want to override the standard view.jsp for login you have to put the new JSP in a folder structure without the "ext" folder. So your "override jsp" has to be in "\ext-web\docroot\html\portlet\login", otherwise you need to tell the login portlet that there is a new JSP for it. kind regards Tobias

2. jsp    liferay.com

Hello Community, within the "Liferay in Action"-book i have read that it is possible to use JSP instead of Velocity or Freemarker when developing themes. I have tried this using the plugins-sdk. I have created a new theme with create.bat .. changed the build.xml to use JSP .. and added jsp to the look-and-feel.xml. After that i have executed "ant deploy" ...