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1. How to make a link to configurations from view jsp

Hi Vipin, For that you need to set any renderParameter according to your requirement if you want to show configuration link in view jsp And check for that parameter in jsp, and add the following code if your parameter is set <% renderRequest.setAttribute(WebKeys.PORTLET_CONFIGURATOR_VISIBILITY, Boolean.TRUE); %>

2. Problem to restore dockbar view jsp

Hi all, I modified the file: tomcat/webapps/ROOT/html/portlet/dockbar/view.jsp cutting the following section:

  • ...

  • 3. Send information to view.jsp

    4. Calling Servlet from View.jsp Page

    6. File "/view.jsp" not found

    sulman sarwar Rank: New Member Posts: 12 Join Date: October 20, 2009 Recent Posts Hello, I have this issue coming back at me more than once now. I deploy a portlet and it works perfectly and keeps working OK for a certain period (mostly upto 7-8 days) and then suddenly i see the error: XXXPortlet temporarily unavailable. I see the logs ...