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1. Redirect from login.jsp if already logged in

If registered user jumps to login.jsp I wish to redirect him to youAreLoggedIn.jsp. Can this be made with <navigation-rule>? I know how to do this in PHP but not in JSP. When user ...

2. redirecting a logged in user to the previous page

I noticed that if I try to respond to a post without logging in, Javaranch redirects me to the login page, and once I login, takes me back to the original page I was on, before logging in. One approach I can think of to do this, is to examine the session for the user's credentials, and if the user has ...

3. redirect the user once logged in to the requested page

Hi I have a form realm authentication with which i am securing a directory "secureUser" well my question is: - How i can redirect the user once logged in to the requested page the details: - now i can log on a user using this (login.jsp)