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1. checking whether user in logged in or not in Servlets

i want code to check whether the user in logged in or not. i want code for servlets. Thanks in advance

2. Java - How do I keep a user logged into my site for months?

I'm using OpenID. How do I make it so that the user stays logged in for a long time even after closing the browser window? How do I store and get ...

3. how can I check whether or not a user has logged in

Please help me on my final year project; online question and answer site. With this site, any user can search for a question and see the answer. To ask ...


Hi, I have one more thing to add to above said point. Assume that you set session time out for 30 min's. Due to some reason if after login user get disconnected. in this case user will not be able to login for next 30 min. So set session time out less, if you are using above said approch. -arun

6. logging user selection

8. logs of my user

10. Number of users logged in

12. Best way to find out of user is logged in

Hi guys, I have to include a page depending on a certain situation. For example, if the user is logged in... Include page A, if not... Include page B. I was wondering if the username or userid stored in a session scoped variable is enough for this task(this is what I've always been doing) or would it be better if I ...

14. jsp:checking if user logged in

15. How many users are logged in?

Some containers (like tomcat) track the number of active session. So there may not be a need for your to do this explicitly. When a new session is created simply update a global counter. When the session is unbound decrement this counter. Ensure that multi-thread access to this counter is thread safe

16. How to get username of currently logged user on client machine

Hi, In my jsp, I require cuurently looged in username in one of the textbox and for this I am using System.getProperty("") but when I access the application from some other machine(client) then this still shows username of logged In user on server. I want this field to be change according to the client machine userId everytime. Kindly suggest the possible ...

17. Finding Whether a user is logged in or no

Hi there, I have 3 sites- Site A,siteB and AW site, which is the authentication site. Site A and SiteB are trusted sites. Let say when a user logs in to site A. he is re-directed back to site A and then does his work. Now when He clicks on Site B, there will be token passed to site B now ...