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1. login issue in servlet

i want code to check whether the user in logged in or not. I get replied with context that to use HttpServletRequest.getUserPrincipal(). But i do not know how to set the ...

2. EController login isn't working anymore in IBM Content Manager 8.4

I've got EController working like a charm in IBM CM 8.3. When I upgraded to 8.4 I saw that the idm.jar has been modified and that IDMConnection doesn't do a request ...

3. Manipulate Login progress from Servlet -> JavaScript

I'm very new to the web development.

Things that I have setup

* the Apache server
* DB on Eclipse
* one index.html file with Javascript
* one servlet


* get a credential information
* send via method ...

4. Login Servlet not responding

I am trying to make a basic login system in JSP using session API. I think my code is just fine, still when I am running the system in tomcat (Eclipse), ...

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13. Problem with simple HTML - Servlet login

Hello, If i open http://localhost:8080/EETest-war/servlet/LoginServer i get a simple html login page: Login

Enter Login ID:

Enter Password:

When i press the submit button, i get the page not found error. I've tried every possible ...

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17. problems with Login

I've done a simple system login. Consists of a form that asks to the user the id and password, after that this information sends to a servlet, here is the code Java Code: // SERVLET public class LoginServlet extends HttpServlet { private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L; private HttpSession moSesion = null; private HttpServletRequest moRequest; private HttpServletResponse moResponse; private UsuarioBean ...