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this the first time i use jsp, and i face some problems. i want to know how to check teh login if i have to tyoe of login. for examplem i have ...

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I want to create a login page thats when the user select either remember username or remember me check box, a cookie should be generated, when the remember username checkbox is ...

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I need to do a login page which can verify 3 different types of user, which are student, lecturer and admin by using only 1 login form. I have 3 table which ...

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Hi if I has understood you right you are talking about BASIC http authorization. You can find more about it in HTTP/1.1 protocol and Servlet2.3 specification. Regards, Maria 12.5.1 HTTP Basic Authentication HTTP Basic Authentication is the authentication mechanism defined in the HTTP/1.1 specification. This mechanism is based on a username and password. A web server requests a web client to ...

6. Automate login..... HELP    coderanch.com

Well, first off, you can't "click a button on a JSP page". A JSP is a template for a web page, not a web page itself. So you'd have to "click a button on the HTML page generated from the JSP and sent to your client (browser)". Beyond that, I'm not sure what you mean. A simple < a href=... > ...

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hi all.. iam working on an intranet site for my department..i am making a login page where users will need to sign up and get access to their profiles...something like a mail account. can anyone please guide me as to what are the steps required..(using jsp for this purpose).. please, just a vague idea thanks

13. Login JSP    coderanch.com

Hi Greg, J2EE has an excellent security infrastructure, allowing you to declare in your web.xml descriptor which servlets / methods / JSP's require security based on roles (as declared in the server.xml descriptor in tomcat). You can use different kinds of authentication where the server prompts for login and determines access accordingly. (ie simple, form-based, etc). See the J2EE tutorial online ...

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I've created a JSP page that prompts the user to login with user name and password. This is then forwarded to "processLogin.jsp" (below) which uses the authenticate method from "Login.java" class (also below). It kind of works- kind of meaning it lets everyone and anyone login even if their details are not stored in the database!! can someone read over my ...

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Hello there, I have a very simple login jsp that connects to an Oracle database. I want to be able to save the username that the user enters and then use it in subsequent pages for database queries. How should I go about this? Here is the login page. <%@ page language ="java" import="java.sql.*,oracle.jdbc.*" %>

WIT Final ...

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hi, Kindly advice some technique or procedure on this matter. Im currently working on a web program using jsp . The web application requires user's login and information being taken are the usual username and password. I need to ensure that the user can only only login once in any terminal. For example I login on terminal A as SUPERMAN and ...

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I've defined a security constraint on a page and a form based login in the deployment descriptor. When I try to access the page for the first time, I'm taken to the login page. I give in a correct user and password and end up on the page. That's how I thought it is supposed to work and how it works ...

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my jsp file not work please help me ----------------------- <%@ page import="com.mehran.*, java.sql.ResultSet"%> <% // Cookie.class. Database db=new Database(); if(request.getParameter("sign")!=null) { String id = request.getParameter("user"); ResultSet rs=db.getTable("user","*"," where UserID= " + id); if (rs.next()) { String u1=(rs.getString("UserID")); String u2=(request.getParameter("user")); String p1=(rs.getString("Pass")); String p2=(request.getParameter("pass")); if((u1.equals(u2))&&(p1.equals(p2) )) { Cookie c = new Cookie("myCookie", "Hello My First Cookie"); response.addCookie(c); session.setAttribute("pass",p2); response.sendRedirect("insert.jsp"); } else { ...

25. prevent direct access after login.    coderanch.com

I have a page called login.jsp. Its a html form which allows people to login. After they login successfully, the login html link disappears and the logout link appears. But the problem is that the visitor can type in login.jsp in the address bar and get there manually. Is there a way to prevent that?

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Hi here is the problem : I need to build a web application managing 2 types of users : students and administrator. students should be able to register and login to system and the administrator also should be able to login. i'm looking for a simple example for this functionality using jsp and servlets. I need your Ideas on how to ...

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Hello, I'm a newbie to the Servlets and JSP world. I was reading the excellent primer on Servlets and JSP titled "Head first Servlets and JSP." I have read a few chapters and wish to utilize my knowledge so far in writing a simple login program using JSP. The database that contains ID's and passwords will be in MS Access. I ...

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Hi! I am a novice ewith programming in jsp.Could you please help me out in making a jsp which has a login and password and a submit button.both fields should also be authenticated after submit is hit.there are a maximum of three attempts.if not successful in all three attempts then you cannot login a fourth time.Could you please tell me how ...

32. ask for login    coderanch.com

i want to built up a simple login page. what i do is just let user to key in the username and password then will compare to the database . after compare if the username and password valid then direct to the specific. wat the code to use for direct the link automatically without clicking after validation.... thanks, regards albert

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All, I have to prevent multiple user logins to my web application developed in Struts running in tomcat. This is the situation: User A logs in application and proceeds to application page. Now if User A opens another IE window and tries to login, he shouldnt be allowed to login again. How can I achieve this ? I tried using istokenvalid,savetoken ...

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Hi All, I'm new to JSP & Servlets and i'm facing the below issue. In our product, there is a requirement like if HTTP 404 error is occuring, we've to direct the user to an error page. The error page should contain an error message and an link to the homepage. If the user is already logged in and if the ...

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I have taken following example from http://publib.boulder.ibm.com How does the request understand, which server to go to , when we have provided ACTION="j_security_check" ? Dont we need server name to send a rewuest to ? If username and password are stored in database, connection to database is taken care of by j_security_check ? If not, the how is security check performed ...

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Thanks so much for your reply! When the user logs in, I plan to retrieve that information and then make the username an attribute of the session. Other than this, I am not sure how the web server will associate the browser with its other requests? Is there any other better way to do this? Please help. Thanks!

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Rahul somanath wrote:Hi All I have 2 application created. Application 1 is a normal servlet and jsp application and application 2 is a struts application. Both the application has separate logins. Now i want to integrate the application 2 into application 1. That is inside application1 there will be a link when the user clicks that link the user should be ...

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Hi, I want to Login into a website through a java code. I found out some thread like this http://www.1your.com/drupal/LoginToWebsiteByHTTPPOSTCodeListing It uses HttpURLConnection in java.net package..... It can fetch response from the URL when we give User Name & Password to it. But i'm not able to get proper response i.e. Instead of getting Home Page source , I'm getting the ...

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good day everybody. I want this code to log me out if count is > 2 but it return an error as follows org.apache.jasper.JasperException: Unable to compile class for JSP: An error occurred at line: 39 in the jsp file: /jsp/cyberlog.jsp The type of the expression must be an array type but it resolved to int 36: count=rs.getRow(); 37: //count=rs.getInt(1); 38: ...

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Hi Guys, I want to implement a login verification system which most probably you all are seeing now-a-days in many good sites. The scenario is first the login page will appear. It will ask the username and the password. If the credentials are correct then ok, user will login into the system. However, if the user enters wrong credentials 3 times ...

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can someone tell me wats wrong wif my code? i run html page and when i click on login or register button, it should show login.jsp or register.jsp but 'the page cannot be displayed' shown. my login.jsp coding is: <%-- page settings --%> <%@ page errorPage ...

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53. JSP Login Example    forums.oracle.com

To be honest I don't know too much about this topic either, so I can't really give you much technical help. However, here is a link to the relevant part of the JSP tutorial from the Sun site: http://java.sun.com/j2ee/1.4/docs/tutorial/doc/Security5.html Also, you shouldn't need to store the usernames and passwords in an XML file. I'm not sure exactly how to work this; ...