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1. how to display incorrect pwd on the same login page

After checking the database the incorrect password should be displayed on the same login page. I have used servlet and forwarded that to the login page but i couldn't add the message ...

2. How to implement a login page without code duplication

I am currently making a dvd browsing system using JSP / Java Servlets and am having trouble figuring out a way to make my login page a bit more efficient. My current ...

3. how to set logo.jpg(image) to login page exclusively

i am working on one application which displays the logo.jpg(image) in every page.I want to restrict this image to only login page.Not to the main menu(which navigates after login) and the ...

4. Java EE Login Page Problem

i try to code a login form which passes username and password to a servlet and let the user login. Then, in the servlet, i lo

request.login(username, password);
but it throws exception ...

5. Facing Problem in making a login page using servlets and jsp

i have made a small web application with
output.jsp In the form.html,users enters his name and chooses a icecream flavour
both the username and icecream flavour are set as session attributes
these are ...

6. problem with my login servlet page

I'm facing problem with my website where I try to let the user insert the username and password to login to home page, but it show me this error


7. Different pages for different login roles

I'm a beginner in JSP. While developing a web application for a sample scenario, I came across this subtlety. I have the following pages:

  • index.jsp
  • login.jsp (and
  • account.jsp
To facilitate code reuse I divided all ...

8. how to register data in databse from login page detail in JSP

Hello everyone, i am new comer to web development & netbeans, i m a student. I have been given a task to create registration page with username & password, & after submitting this form it automatically stores data into databse, which can later be seen by admin only...or can be used for retrievel of data for login purpose. I have created ...

9. Login Window in Html page Apache style

This is called Basic Authentication and depends on what HTTP server you are using for how to set it. Some HTTP servers simply have the requirement of placing a special file (eg .htaccess) in a directory you want to protect. The file contains a list of valid users, and when the browser tries to access anything in that directory they are ...

10. Unable to forward page to login.jsp

11. Calling one page to another - login to welcome page

I have a login application and a seperate application which has welcome page. Is there a mechanism utilizes calling one application to another so that after my login is successful, it goes to the welcome page of another application. I know pagecontext probably connects one page to another, but, is there a better option?

12. Login Page creation help

13. login page using JSP

14. common login page

15. Blank page on login.jsp (SOMETIMES)

16. doubts in Login page

17. Login Page For Jsp

18. login page

hi , i made a login page and i am facing problem in its connectivity with the database (named users). when i enter the email add. and password i should move on to home page but every time the login page displays.... please help me in dis... the code for login.jsp is: <%@page contentType="text/html" pageEncoding="UTF-8"%> <%@ taglib prefix="c" uri="" %> <%@ ...

19. Auto login of the Page

20. Simple JSP Login Page Help needed

21. Help needed in login page

Hi guys, I have just started learning JSP and implemented login model in my application. Request all of you to kindly go through the code and suggest any recommendation if required. Though there is no error while executing the code and getting the login page . I just wanted to know whether the code is written in proper manner or not. ...

22. Login Page

@Dhivya: No we shall not. As Subhash says, we *will* go to great lengths to help once you get started, or if you have any specific issues, however. Although if you really want to do this entirely in JSP you'll find people less willing to help, since Java code belongs in a Java file, not a JSP! Also, you need to ...

23. login page for web portal

24. Problem in Login page

I have a login page, which directs to Verification.jsp Login.jsp

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25. Jsp Login Page Problem

26. Login page

I have a login page with username and password. It goes to a servlet verifies credentials and if the user enters wrong password for 3 times then the account is locked for 15 minutes. If the login is success then sets up the data in session and redirects to the home page. Is this enough for security purpose ? And as ...

28. LDAP server login in JSP page

29. Login page with Jsp