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1. How to get the login user name in JSp?

I need to get the users Loging name from NTLM . Any one who knows?. Thanks you :).

2. how to create a new user after login to main page

i have created login page for my application.once i enter into the main page.there are four main menu tabs like home,admin,reports nd contcat.for admin login values i have inserted one user ...

3. Login system/register user

I'm unsure on how I should access my parameters and then use them to register a user in my DB. Here is the JSP code for register.jsp

<%@page import="java.util.Enumeration"%>
<%@ page language="java" contentType="text/html; charset=UTF-8"

4. User Login Page

You shouldn't open any connections to the database - instead use a connection pool provided by the web container (you can get a hold of the pool through JNDI, see your vendor docs for details). For the login screen, you can use simple declarative security constraints in web.xml. You need to declare - which URL patterns are protected (e.g. "/protected/*") - ...

6. Verification of user login and name

7. how to get remote login user name?

8. Want to create a single user admin login page

Hi All, I'm basically new to JSP so dont know much about it. I have few jsp files which are highly admin related and very unsecure as if someone knows the url can access and do what ever he want to do. I created the jsp file to browse through directories, delete files, upload files , edit through browser. the problem ...

9. how can i restrict user to login from different machine if already login?

we can make active flag that is mandatory for login flow. when user login ,all authentication info and active flag,store session in static map or database . If user login from some other IP, will compare previous session id with current session id, if different delete the data of previous session so that previous session row from database ,so that it ...

11. Selecting which user is login