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1. Mapping--definition problem

could anyone please tell me the meaning of the word mapping in the following line:

When you define a servlet for a JSP, you must also define mapping to ...

2. How can one identify the operation to perform in a servlet?

I am trying to follow this example but I can't understand this part:
Imagine also that the servlet's context path is myServer/myApp/servlets. The servlet container would direct a request ...

3. ServletRequest.getParameterMap() returns Map and ServletRequest.getParameter() returns String?

Can someone explain to me why ServletRequest.getParameterMap() returns type

Map<String, String[]>
ServletRequest.getParameter() just returns type String I'm don't understand why the map would ever map to more then one value. TIA.

4. Servlet mapping for a basic rest api?

I'm trying to write a web app that needs to expose some methods that I'm going to use with ajax. I can make one servlet to route all incoming requests, or ...

5. Nested map's instead of List< Object[] > as return values. Any problems?

The situation occurs when getting some data from the database to compose a report that is grouped by various fields. For example, grouped by month, then type and then actual vs ...

6. Servlet mapping / vs /*

The familiar code:


My understanding is that ...

7. Is there any way to do servlet mapping in eclipse IDE other than manually?

Recently,i have started to develop servlets using Eclipse.Every time i write a servlet program,i need to manually map them into web.xml.Is there any way to do automatic mapping of servlets??.Also the ...

8. JsonParseException while parsing from String to Map

I have done Map object to string object conversion like this

    public String getJsonString(Map<String, Map<String,List<CalculateContentCount>>> countMap) {
    Gson gson = new Gson();

9. servlet ArrayList and HashMap

List<Map<String, Object>> data = new ArrayList<Map<String, Object>>();
Map<String, Object> item = new HashMap<String, Object>();

int i = 0;
while (i < 5){
   item.put("id", i);
   out.println("id: " + ...

10. Is it possible to map a servlet to /* without overriding JSP processing

Elaborating on this: I map a servlet or filter to "/*" Now, if I access a url like:

Then this will be directed to the servlet (which is okay) But if i access a url ...

11. Is it possible to use regular expression for Jetty's servlet-mapping?

I have this one mapping

but i also want /service/master to map to master servlet.
I believe there is a conflict here since calling /service/* will trigger service servlet right away. Is there ...

12. Styling map of lists using CSS

I have a Map<Category, List<Link>> that i'm iterating over in my jsp:

<c:forEach var='entry' items='${categoryToLinkMap}'>
  <div class="category_section">
      <c:forEach ...

13. Nested servlet mapping (/myname/servletname)

I'm writing a web.xml to deploy my Java servlet. The .war file is copied to a directory called "/myname/servletname" on the server. I'm trying to access the servlet at Web.xml is ...

14. OGNL dynamic access map with iterator var

I'm trying to access a map using OGNL, and I can't really access the map using the iterator var, but I can access it using the status. Basically, this works:

<s:iterator value="categories" var="citem" ...

15. Help with JSP/Servlets...?

I am tying to design a simple login. I have a DB running on MySQL.... I created a Login page which has a form.

<form action="login" name="login" method="post">

16. servlet mapping

I have created servlet, it is in src folder. and created HTML page in pages directory i.e, pages/First.html Now I need to provide in servlet mapping as pages/Sample that I am not ...

17. Maven ignores @WebServlet annotation

I had a Dynamic Web project which had a few @WebServlet annotations, all of which worked fine. I have since switched my Dynamic Web project to a Maven web project. Since ...

18. map a servlet in runtime

I need to map a servlet in runtime. Is there anyway of doing it? I sow a method called addServlet in servletContext Interface. But I couldn't find a way to access ...

19. servlet mapping is not being picked up

hi all, i am using netbeans 6.7.1 IDE and glassfish V3 prelude. have a web application which has a servlet in it. For some reason netbean says "no servlet mapping found ...

20. REST JSON servlet fails to map JAXB object data

{"messageHeader": {"timeDate":"2011-08-04T15:52:59.215Z","source":"","client":"10395","gUID":"b62f9cff-f9bd-4765-8249-18a5dbb525bd"}, "messagePayload": {"inventory": {"serverData": ...

21. Implicit mapping of TLDs

Im trying to use a custom library that is in a JAR file. The JSP container is suppose to check the TLD files in all JAR files in /WEB-INF/lib and create implicit mapping between the contents of tags of the TLDs to the location of the JAR files. This is what I have done so far: 1. Created a taglib.tld ...

22. how to set value in a map?

23. Query on using taglib to create a Map

24. mapping .jsp to .html

25. Can a Map be a JavaBean Property?

26. .jsp mapping

27. JSP mapping?

28. How to map DataSource in tomact

29. Help needed with map

I have 2 maps and I need to loop through the first map and for each key that I get in the first map I need to find if the key exists in the second map. How do I use map.ContainsKey() and map.get() using JSTL? If the key is found in the second map, I need to display the value. Any ...

30. method to return a map

31. traversing map unsing taglib

Brock, welcome to the Ranch. What you have done here is what is known as a thread hi-jack. Even though your question may be similar, it is not the same. The OP is using the EL, you are using Struts tags. Am I correct in that you want to do this with proprietary Struts tags rather than the standardized EL?

32. iterating through a Map

33. field mapping

hi ben sorry that i dint give any explanation about my problem... -basically there will be only one jsp... -the user will open a file browse window by clicking on a button.. -the user selects a csv or tsv file and presses okay -the fields of the file (stored in first row of the file) will be displayed on the jsp.. ...

34. mapping tool for decorating structure

35. mapping JSPs

37. Mapping more than one function in TLD's

38. Servlet Mapping

Hi, I'm somewhat new to jsp and servlets (not to java, but to how all the wiring between the jsp and servlets work), so this is probably a basic question, but I'm not really sure what to do here. I have a main page, index.jsp, that a user sees when they enter my site. I'd like this page to map to ...

40. Mapping jsp files


44. Trouble with controller servlet mapping

45. servlet-mapping StackOverFlow

49. Servlet Mappings and RequestDispatcher inludes

I have a servlet mapping to prevent direct access to a given directory of static html that is used to contain html 'snippets' that cannot be accessed durectly, but must be included in the context of the overall site. The Servlet Mapping is: ContentServlet cms_published/* Now, in the ContentServlet's doGet(), If I have logic to correctly include the requested ...

50. Who can help me about servlet mapping!!!

servlet 2.4 specification says, Upon receipt of a client request, the Web container determines the Web application to which to forward it. The Web application selected must have the the longest context path that matches the start of the request URL. The matched part of the URL is the context path when mapping to servlets. The Web container next must locate ...

51. How mapping a domain name to a servlet

52. Servlet mapping

53. servlet-mapping

54. servlet mapping issue?

Also, validating the XML document with a validating parser is a good idea so you don't have to wait until you deploy your application before you find out that it's all messed up. (I develop in JBuilder, where it's a simple context menu click or two.) Most, if not all, XML editors allow you to validate the document against some DTD ...

55. why servlet - mapping?

I am new to Servlets...and my question is why is servlet-mapping required in web.xml ...whe i use

from the .html file, what is the necessity of < servlet-mapping > tag when i can direct all the requests from the tag of the .html file...please throw some light thanks Pradeep

56. servlets and maps

Hi, i want to know whether the following can be done using servlets: by using a form , the user chooses an empty map(say usamap.jpg). he also chooses a text file that contains data about the map. the user is also allowed to choose a color that denotes a particular range ie all regions in the range 1000 to 2000 to ...

57. servlet mapping problem

Well, for starters you don't map a JSP page in the url-pattern. Also, the servlet-class only exists in the definition, not in the . Third, your UploadFile is not specified as being in a package (com.bla.UploadFile). Forth, you have specified your servlet-class as Main in the tag when it should be UploadFile. And Fifth, the way you map your ...

58. Servlet Mapping problem - please help

That HelloWorldExample servlet is a special case - they really should put in a better example, this has caused a lot of trouble for beginners. /servlet/ works because of the invoker see this FAQ for details. The web.xml mapping to HI does not work because the HelloWorldExample class is not in a defined package. The JVM tries to look in the ...

59. servlet mapping

The impression I get from reading your text, is that you're complicating your life. I never mention my JSP's inside the web.xml. In my last web application, I only mentioned one servlet in the web.xml. This servlet decides which JSP it should call, depending on the different parameters which are in the request. So I wonder why you should be able ...

60. Mapping servlets

61. File Mapping from Servlet to Client

As a general rule you Servlet shouldn't really be outputting any HTML. I know it can, and ther are examples on Sun's site which do just that, but it makes for very unmaintainable code. You might consider JSPs. That being said, remember that your Servlet is juts creating a static web page, and how web pages work. You don't add much ...

63. Help me with servlet - mapping

Yup, you cannot have a leading '/' when using file extension mapping for url-pattern. Refer to Servlet specification 2.4, SRV.11.2. You might want to try to include the context path into your html form action attribute, because the client browser interpret '/' as relative to the server root, instead of relative to application.

64. Forward/Include getting picked up by servlet mapping

Hi, I'm hoping somebody can help with a problem I'm facing. I'm trying to provide a mechanism whereby URLs with the *.html extension are mapped to a servlet, and then the servlet either forwards directly to an HTML file of the same name, or intervenes, such as for authentication purposes. The problem I'm facing is that the flow of the include/forward ...

65. Servlet mapping problem

66. Map JSP to servlet

67. Servlet Mapping vs Static resource

68. Servlet mapping problem

69. servlet mapping

70. servlet mapping and image access

71. servlet mapping problem

hi, I'm new to the forum and I'm wondering if anyone would be able to help me. I am trying to deploy an application in tomcat 5.5.20. As part of the deployment descriptor, I have the following: ABCGenericServlet ABCGenericServlet /servlet/ABCGenericServlet ... and under the classes directory, I have com/abc/servlet/ABCGenericServlet.class when i submit a ...

72. Servlet Mapping

73. Servlet Mapping

74. How to wildcard mappings to a servlet URI?

I have a servlet which I want to handle requests from two separate URIs, and I need to create a servlet mapping which enables this. For example I want all requests from /myapp/one and /myapp/two to be handled by servletOne. I have tried the below in my web.xml but it doesn't do the trick: servletOne 1 servletOne ...

75. servlet-mapping doesn't do its job?

76. Doubts on Servlet mapping

77. Servlet Map vs Static Resource

78. servlet-mapping as a flag?

79. Servlet mapping

80. Servlet Mapping - WAS to JBOSS

According to the spec, if more than one url-pattern fits the longest one that matches should take precedence. I'm not sure if the default *.jsp mapping should override /*. I don't recall it being mentioned in the spec. One thing you could try, is to add your own mapping to *.jsp and point it to the default servlet in JBoss. Since ...

83. regarding servlet mapping

Dear sir, Let me tell you my problem specifically- I have a html page with a form as below:- Login.html


84. servlet mapping question

85. servlet-mapping

A mapping is only needed if you want to hit your servlet from the web. It looks like Quarts is using this servlet for initialization purposes only (so it needs no mapping to be hit from the web). Note: I'm guessing this code is somewhat old. Starting with Servlet Spec 2.3, the preferred way to initialize web applications is to use ...

86. servlet Map help

It's been a while since I have written any code and I am having an issue getting back into it. I am currently working on creating servlet to pass info from all my forms to my business logic. However, I am having an issue with getting the data. This may be a topic for a different forum, but I figured I ...

87. Servlet mapping

88. question on servlet-mapping

89. servlet mapping naming

90. Ldap and security-role-ref mappings

91. Problem in loading map

93. Servlet Mapping purpose

94. servlet mapping

In my application I placed a newEnquiry.jsp in enquiry directory of my project. Form in it is calling NewEnquiryServlet without any problem. Jsp Code: [color=red]<---action[/color]

*Compulsory Fields
*Company Name:

95. servlet mapping

96. About Map wrapper scheme

97. Servlet mapping

this code i found in on of the servlet book. but i don't understand what is they use " /* " for url mapping deployment descriptor: accountServlet /account/* accountServlet /myaccount/* In these mappings, we are associating /account and /myaccount URL patterns to accountServlet. Whenever the container receives a request URL that starts with /account or

98. How to Configuring Servlet Mappings?

100. How to map Global JNDI name and ENC.

In Glassfish, I have created a global JNDI name : JNDI name = jdbc/abcd . And in my code, I tried to inject the resource with the same name: @Resource(name="jdbc/abcd") private static DataSource ds; I assume that this will be interpreted as Environment Naming Context (ENC) name : java:comp/env/jdbc/abcd . Fortunately I think Glassfish will automatically resolve ENC name to global ...