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I would like to use a JSP variable to access the elements of a Map in JSP, but I can't make it work. Here is what I tried:

<p>1. ${backups["2011-06-09_web05"]}</p>
<p>2. <c:set var="key" ...

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Is there a way to call java.util.Map.contains() method in JSP where the Map is a property of a bean.

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I had the great idea of using a map with an enum I defined as a key and a Boolean as a value. Unfortunately I've problems in JSP EL to access ...

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Hi All, I have some queries regarding EL when values is being accessed using Map.. For expression ${colorMap[red]} then method invoked is colorMap.get(pageContext.findAttribute("red")) and for ${colorMap["red"]} method invoked is colorMap.get("red"). You access a map's values through its keys, which you can specify with the [] operator, for example, ${colorMap[red]} and ${colorMap["red"]}. The former specifies an IDENTIFIER for the key, whereas the ...

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