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1. Why Java servlet can't get Paypal IPN messages everytime?

I have a Java servlet running on my notebook with Windows Vista, I set up a static IP, did port forwarding and registered for a free DDNS service, now my servlet ...

2. How to read attachment messages without using scriptlets in JSP?

I want to know how can I read attachment messages without using scriplets in JSP? After getting Message object as an attribute by using request object from servlets, how can I ...

3. Passing customized messages from Servlet to a JSP page?

I am new to JSP and Servlets. What i want to know is the best way to pass some customized message to client web pages. For example suppose i have a web page ...

4. how to message from servlet and display in jsp

I'm trying to do something that looks small but it's failing. I'm trying to send a response message back to a jsp when login fails but not being able. As of ...

5. Using JSP, display org.apache.axis.message.MessageElement[] as String / XML output

I'm trying to display the output as either String / XML format on JSP.

org.apache.axis.message.MessageElement[] msgElement = getScheduleData.get_any();
Here data is stored on msgElement variable. What are the steps i need to take to ...

6. JSP processing message

probalby quite a dummy question, but that is not the area I work with usually... I have html page "start.html" there is form which calls a serverlet via a post request. This ...

7. How to handle offline message in java in chat application

I am creating a application with chat using java ,mongo database using servlet , I am in the need of saving the offline messages same as the facebook .if we ...

8. To send email and include in the message a whole webpage.jsp what syntax to follow

To send email and include in the message a whole webpage.jsp what syntax to follow? To send sms I need something like a web service? java/jsp have scriptlets to send sms ...

10. scrolling text message

11. java+The page cannot be refreshed without resending the information message in jsp

Normally, you get that warning when the page your refreshing was navigated to by the post method from another page. If you can change it to a get the message will go away. Another alternative would be to just use javascript to fill in the values on the parent page without making a round trip to the server.

13. 'please wait' message while jsp is loading

Hi, I have a jsp page that loads a lot of data from the database. Now when the page loads, it takes a lot of time for data to come back, so all I see is an empty page. Even title only says 'Microsoft Internet Explorer' w/o url. I saw somewhere couple of javascripts that use layers to display 'please wait' ...

14. messages in HTML pages

Just wondering i deveoping a shopping cart which uses a java bean. When the user goes to the Basket each item is fetched and displayed. The user can then delete each item. What i want is if there are no items left in the basket a message be displayed in the same page saying that the basket is empty. I've tried ...

15. Wait Message

16. how to show a "processing" message

I have a question concerning about showing a "please wait, processing ..." message when I'm performing long execution. I have a few custom tags that perform work that can take up to a minute (longer then the standard 7 seconds). I need a message displayed to the user that shows that I'm actually doing something. I've looked back into the history ...

17. weblogic can't start with this message

Hi, The problem is in your classpath. Firstly, I'm not too sure what is for. Do you really need it? If not, remove it from your classpath. If you really need it, then move it to a location where there is no white spaces in the directory path e.g. c:\Program\jre\1.4.1\lib\ext and update your classpath accordingly. Cheers. Han Ming

18. javac message file is broken

19. Page expired message

Hi, In my project we are using JSPs. When someone clicks on the back button, the "page expired" message appears and we need to refresh to access that page. I have even set the cache as public to see if it fixes the problem and that doesn't seem to work. Appreciate any help! Thanks,

20. Private message functionality

22. How to show message indicating server processing?

This must be a cliche now. I have a jsp page, on submitting which initiates a fairly lengthy processing at the server. I want to display something to the effect of 'Please wait', and when the server processing is done, the user has to be taken to a screen which displays the results of the operation. Sounds familiar, anyone? Two approaches ...

23. Dynamic application resource messages

26. confirm message in JSP

28. html:rewrite with a bundled message

29. Display server message

30. setting message resources outside war

Hi, I am working in a maintenance project. The requirement says that I have to set the properties files which is now existing inside classes folder ( actually this is inside source folder and will be copied to classes during build ) to a path which is existing outside the war. When I did googling and read the archive mails I ...

34. Automated Maintenance message

35. jsp does not display messages

38. Message box in my JSP.

Hi, I made a form and i need to have a message box that inform the user if one or more field are empty. I tried with the following: <% if (" field is null.....") { this.showMessageDialog(null,"You need to enter a value..."); } else { %> <%@ include file="Response.jsp" %> <% } %> But it does'nt work. Do i have to ...

39. How make mail message using JSP?

41. Servlet was found but is corrupt, message

Hi guys, wondering if any of you have had this before. I have a basic login servlet, which simply checkers username/password with contents of a SQL database. When I click on SUBMIT on the login.jsp the servlet fails to load and I get a - javax.servlet.ServletException: Servlet [LoginServlet]: was found, but is corrupt: The package path is correct The name ...

42. Sending MiMe Message object to Servlet

44. Promt message after servlet processing

45. servlet which recieves mime messages

47. one message to mutiple destinations.

48. Displaying a Confermation Message

In My Application i have a requirement of submitting a bulk data say(a Person's Detail)to database. Once a perticular record is submitted to dB, I want a message to be displayed that the person is Successfully Added To DB. And User can Add one more Person Info. What i deed is after submitting the data if there's no error came i ...

51. Retrieve messages with maximum priority

52. MQ messages stuck forever

55. How can i use message window in servlet

57. Reading Message multipletimes

58. what are the other messages types

59. can we send the our message from onMessage method

All three of the processes persist data. The PlaceBidBean needs to add a bid record to the database. Similarly, the PlaceOrderBean must add an order record. Alternatively, the OrderBillingMDB updates the order record to reflect the results of the billing process. These database changes are performed through two entities in the JPA-managed persistence tierthe Bid and Order entities. While the PlaceBidBean ...

61. JSP Custom Message / Warning box

63. Seq of messages in a Pub-Sub arch... is FIFO gauranteed?

Hi, In our JMS based architecture 2 applications are in a Pub-Sub mode. For instance The logs, show the PUBlisher appliation, publishing out 7 messages ... (6 are tagged as IN-process and the 7th COMPLETED) but the logs on the SUBcriber side, do not process those 7 messages in the exact same sequence. On the subscriber side the messages are received ...

66.  prints the key as it is

Hi Sir, I have added some of the keys into and in the jsp iam trying to get the keys from, it is printing "msg.analyst.issuers.covered" the keys as it is in the application. I have added the following taglibs in my jsp : <%@ page pageEncoding="UTF-8"%> <%@ page session="false"%> <%@ taglib prefix="c" uri="" %> <%@ taglib uri="" prefix="fmt"%> <%@ ...

67. Active MQ messages

68. JCA Adapter Development - Inbound Message

I am studying JCA as I need to integrate an EIS with my application. I am pretty new to JCA and I would like to ask a question on inbound message handling in JCA adapter. The communication between my application and EIS is via socket, and the EIS supports a feature that sends notification through web service as well. So regarding ...

69. one message comes in while previous one is still being consumed

If one message comes to a topic and gets picked up by a MDB, supposes it takes a while to complete its transaction. During this time another message is sent to the topic. Will container immediately pick another MDB instance out of pool to consume the second incoming message or will it wait until the first message is done ?

71. servlet message forwarding

72. Send message servlet

73. Implementing a message broadcast server using servlets

Pleas give me more information abt this... if you want use servlet for this purpose the client should all ways send http request only and in your client implementation may be browser or any other app. if you are writing any Socket Programe then Http Client will not work(Browser) then allways it should be the Clent App.(Socket Client) and an other ...

74. Clear a message on page load

Here I am doing a form submission from a JSP. When the form submits I am calling a servlet from the form and in that servlet I am setting a attribute using setAttribute() for that message. Using request .getRequestDispatcher I am coming to the JSP again. Now using getAttribute() I am populating that message. Now when I refresh the page I ...

75. In the messages module reply is not working

Hi all, I want to send lgnid to another jsp page where in the present page im assigning like the whole table to a string result.Now i want to access lgnid in another jsp page like string lgnid=request.getParameter("lgnid");...I'm unable to to get lgnid in another page.Its giving null.Can anybody help me? Reply.jsp String result="

76. Message Driven Servlet Problem

77. Accessing Message Properties using MQMessage class

Is there any way to access *ALL* message properties of a message (or at least all their names) using the MQMessage class? I've tried using getPropertyNames("%") hoping that that would return all the property names, but it doesn't seem to be working. Basically I need the java equivalent of MQINQMP in C. There's the get*Property methods, but you need to know ...

80. Loading Message

81. Help with a SOAP message

82. How can i generate the alt message in the jsp page!

i just write a jsp page ,code like this ,and it can generate the map for link,but i need the of map also,just like Message followed the code: <%@ page contentType="text/html;charset=GBK"%> <%@ page import="*"%> <%@ page import="org.jfree.chart.*"%> <%@ page import="org.jfree.chart.plot.*"%> <%@ page import="org.jfree.chart.servlet.ServletUtilities"%> <%@ page import="org.jfree.chart.urls.StandardPieURLGenerator"%> <%@ page import="org.jfree.chart.entity.StandardEntityCollection"%> <%@ page import="org.jfree.chart.labels.StandardPieToolTipGenerator"%> <%@ page import="org.jfree.chart.imagemap.*"%> <%@ ...

83. Broken Link Message in JSP

84. ServletExec: message translations

Can anyone explain what the following lines in mean. I got them from my ServletExecNative.log file: [Mon Feb 12 21:53:19 2007] ServletExec: Min Heap Size = 230400000 bytes [Mon Feb 12 21:53:19 2007] ServletExec: Max Heap Size = 230400000 bytes [Mon Feb 12 21:53:20 2007] ServletExec: Java VM message: [GC [Mon Feb 12 21:53:20 2007] ServletExec: Java VM message: 13824K->2623K(223296K) [Mon ...

85. Sending a SOAP message through a jsp

86. Suddenly 'Page could not be displayed' message comes on JSP

Dear all, I am using Tomcat 6.0.16 and struts. I input some XLS file from my page and server processes that file. Sometimes the process which has to be conducted on server side is heavy and tomcat takes ample of time. In such scenarios, suddenly my input JSP vanishes and 'Page could not be displayed' page (in short error page) ...

87. how to send httpServletResponse in several chunked message?

Hi all, tomcat6.0, jdk5.0. I need implement a servlet which uses some very long string as the response to POST request. So I hope to divide the long string into several chunked http response messages instead of one huge response message. I tried below method: public void doPost(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) throws ServletException, IOException{ StringBuffer buf = new StringBuffer(); while(i<1000){ buf.append("some ...

88. Servlet - show message while getting data

89. message in a JSP

90. printing message from servlet to jsp

91. Including a message from a text file in jsp

In my application I am trying to allow the department chair to put any message he likes and it will show up in a red box when there is something in text file. I can read from file but I was wondering how I can find out if there is some message in the file of not and how do I ...