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1. Have you got this page error message before when running a Servlet client?

Hello everybody and thanks in advance for your support. I am using Netbeans 6.9.1 to create JAX-WS applications. I am new in the field but willing to learn. I have implemented a very very simple web service endpoint and a web client using a servlet. Both applications compile properly. The problem is that when I run the client I cannot access ...

2. sending message from JAVA-Servlet to C# Client

hello, i have to following situation: I have a server on which java-servlets are running in a tomcat and i have n-clients which use c# and HTTP to GET() and POST() data to the server. This all works fine, the clients have to loggin, the server send them a JSessionCookie back and they are allowed to use all other functions. What ...

4. messages retained by brocker even after client consumes them

Hi all, i have created a simple client/server kind of application for sending/receiving jms messages using activemq. Issue is even client consumes the messages(Queue)......activeMq does not delete those messages.I dont want to apply any message expiration interval. What i want is "If a consumer(Queue) receives a message , broker should delete that message". Please advice. regards, Ajse