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1. a javascript message from a servlet

how could i display a javascript message from a servlet. I am searching examples thanks for help.

2. How return a message from servlet without leave jsp?

i have a doubt, this is my scenario, when an user (in register.jsp) click in 'register' would like to go to my servlet and do all the stuff that have to ...

3. Create a "wait message" in jsp

I need to create a "wait message" in jsp page for x time, after pressing on the button and before the next page opens.

4. How to display error message in a jsp

if(emailVal == '') {
              $("#email").after('<span class="error"><font color="red">Please enter your email address.</span>');

5. Why this message is displayed?

"Do you want to view the webpage content that was delivered securely...." Is this message displayed only because http resources are used in a https resource?

6. javascript confirm message

Rather than using javascript's built in dialogue box, use a new small sized browser window with your message (and other html stuffs to make it pretty)and necessary controls. Use javascript for event handling. You can write down the page using javascript as well, if you dont want to send another requst to the server. The only problem is, the dialogue box ...