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1. Servlet getting invoked twice when the content type is application/pdf

I have a servlet which copies the InputStream to the ServletOutputstream using the Apache IOUtils. The servlet is getting invoked twice. I have tested both on IE and Firefox. Did anybody ...

2. How to read content of scanned pdf file in java / jsp or in javascipt

how can i read content of scanned pdf file in java/jsp or in javascript, can tell how to achive this with devloping code. advance thanks for reply

3. download pdf servlet using content disposition not working fine with IE, chrome and firefox but not in Opera

I m using content disposition to download pdf file from my servlet. My code works fine for chrome, firefox and IE but the problem is when I try to download pdf ...

4. Display pdf file contents through jsp

5. Display Pdf Content

hi, i want to display the content of a pdf file in the browser when requested for a jsp file.i am reading the content of pdf in jsp and using the servletoutput stream i am displaying it. But it is displaying as bytes like 0 1 .... . not the original content. <% ServletOutputStream servletOutputStream = response.getOutputStream(); File reportFile = new ...

8. Displaying PDF contents through JSP