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I have a servlet that returns a PDF. What i trying do is loading the PDF to Ext.Window. Below is the sample source


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Is there a way in Java/.jsp to set the content type, etc... so that a link to a pdf prompts the user to save it rather than opening it in the ...

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I have a jsp page that include some component such as table , images... I place a button to generate a pdf file from current(this) page.but I didn't find any good solution ...

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The important point is that the whole idea of JSP is to make it convenient to write HTML pages. For that reason JSP just assumes you are going to be writing characters NOT binary data like a PDF. If you try to serve a PDF through a JSP out stream you get junk. Instead, just use a servlet to serve PDF ...

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I have used both iText and the FOP approaches. IText is good if you want to read data from a database and directly format it into a PDF file. There is no XML involved here. It is good for generating small PDF's on the fly for display in a browser. In the FOP way, you have to format the data you ...

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Hi, on my web site I have many pages containing hundrend of url pointing to the pdf documents. The problem is how I can know that the pdf file was open or downloaded by user ( I used session for this task). I have to point out that I did not integrate in my page any javascript action on those documents. ...

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Hi Sanjay , Sorry in my prev.post i mentioned the Content type as "Application/dnd.fdf".. Please use : application/vnd.fdf -------------------------- Hi, 1. Try by putting the Content Type as "Application/vnd.fdf" 2. Some two years before we used an Tool name called HTMLDOC which converts an String (HTML content) in PDF Format.May be you can use that. thanks Ramesh

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It actually depends on you requirement and feasibility, though you can use LOB or BLOB to store files in database, but for me storing file in datbase would be last option to do. I would rather prefer to store their path in datbase and will place them in file system placing file in database makes datbase heavy and requires more table ...

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I am using Websphere to deploy my app. My application is Struts-JSP. Now, I have a PDF in the form of byte stream in my Action. I want to pass this byte stream to the JSP, and have a new window popped up showing the PDF. I don't want to store it as a physical file in the server context or ...

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Hai Generally applications provides links for downloading PDF files, if we share that with anyone can also download that file. But in our application, we ned to restrict the external users from downloading the file.What we need is users registerd users can download that file. How to restrict that PDF file for external users. Tell me the Solution. Thanks Nithish

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Hi everybody, I have a pdf and my sequence works like below.. PDF---> servlet ---->pdf----->servlet--->jsp This works very fine with netscape, but when i try to do the same in IE it only works until the second servlet.. PDF---> servlet ---->pdf after this it does not call the servlet like as it did in netscape. There is even no error message ...

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Im working on a rather large project & all was well, I was reading in data from a comma deliminated file, extracting what i needed & away I went...great, OK so today they tell me they are going to a different format...all of the inbound information will be in pdf format. Does any one know of an API or anything I ...

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i am trying to opining pdf files in servlet application this the code protected void doGet(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) throws ServletException, IOException { String contractId = request.getParameter("contractId"); String year = request.getParameter("year"); String letter = request.getParameter("letter"); String contType = request.getParameter("contType"); String orgUnitId = request.getParameter("orgUnitId"); dbConn dbConn = new dbConn(); dbConn.connect(); ServletOutputStream out = null; try { TContractBean tContractBean = new TContractBean(); tContractBean.setContId(contractId); ...

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Hi, I have the following situation. There is a pdf streaming servlet provided by a vendor which not accessible to the outside world as the data is sensitive. What we would like to is write a proxy servlet which can pass the pdf streams back to the browser, the reason for this proxy servlet is to do some authorization to ensure ...

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We are two developers in the web department . I am a java programmer and my college aims for php. He argues that php is a better over all choice for us due to all plugins out there, but he has almost no experience in programming php. Our needs are to make it possible for our customers in a new web ...

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