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1. How to open 3 different PDF reports in a single window?

I am generating 3 different PDF reports with a servlet. There are 3 checkboxes in the JSP. If I click on all the 3 checkboxes, the PDF report will open in ...

2. printing report in PDF

3. pdf reports

4. pdf reports

5. PDF report not rendering 100% in jsp

6. Generate PDF report from jsp

7. How to generate PDF report using servlets

Hi, I want to generate reports using JSP/Servlets. I can generate an HTML report, but this report is not good for printing as the formatting changes from browser to browser depending upon the settings of the browser(like font, size). I have heard that it is possible to generate PDF documents from the servlets/java classes dynamically. I would be happy if some ...

8. Problem while generating PDF report from Servlet

Hi we are generating PDF report from the Servlet if the client enters data through their forms.But if client enters any data except & and < characters the report is generating fine.but if the client enters & or < characters then the report is not generated.also if the client enters space between then paragrapgh if client entered the data as paragraph ...

9. I want to generate PDF report for student details?

Hi, I am did code to generate pdf report for student details.. this code is working fine.. but i want to increase the table size.. the actual desing is not looking good.. can anybody change my code to help me.. else if(reportType.equalsIgnoreCase("pdf")){ response.setHeader("Content-Type","application/pdf"); System.out.println("its in inside the pdf"); Document document = new Document(PageSize.LEDGER,100, 50, 80, 25); PdfWriter.getInstance(document, outObj);; document.add(new Paragraph("Student ...