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Is there a way to Display a HSSFWorkbook Object in a JSP page without having an output file in the server side. In the code below I am providing the template file ...

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I have 2 jsp pages, index.jsp and viewer.jsp. viewer.jsp is inside an IFRAME in index.jsp. index.jsp needs to grab a list of domain names from a Java object foo and provide a ...

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I'm attempting to upload a file into a jsp and then use the file in some other code. My problem is that it comes into the servlet as an Object via ...

4. Deserialize a Java object which I get from a JSP page?    stackoverflow.com

JSP code:

ByteArrayOutputStream stream = new ByteArrayOutputStream();
ObjectOutputStream output = new ObjectOutputStream(stream);
output.writeObject(new BigDecimal("111"));


out = pageContext.pushBody();
code at client, (response is a object of org.apache.http.HttpResponse)
HttpEntity entity = response.getEntity();
InputStream is = entity.getContent();

byte[] buff = new byte[1024];

ByteArrayInputStream ...

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I am developing an authentication system which is based on images. For these I needed to use the "Canvas" element of HTML5. Now I want to pass this canvas object (which ...

7. what is use of page object?    coderanch.com

page - Objects with page scope are accessible only within the page where they are created. All references to such an object shall be released after the response is sent back to the client from the JSP page or the request is forwarded somewhere else. References to objects with page scope are stored in the pageContext object

8. How to pass a non serializable object between jsp pages    coderanch.com

First of all sorry for my rather unclear question. I'm saving the class which contains a non serializable object (this object is a third party class) in the session and from the session any jsp can retrieve this object when no clustering is used. The issue comes when the application is deployed in a clustered environment because the class contains a ...

9. Passing object from JSP to servlet or another JSP page    coderanch.com

You'll need to give us some relevant information about the nature of the object. Generally, scoped variables (set via setAttribute() methods) are used. Request scope is used to "pass" information to resources in the same request, while session scope is used to extend the life of the variable beyond a single request.

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