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1. How do I make an search bar at the top of the page like on

I need to make the search bar at the top of the page like have in its website. I need some sample code for jsp/servlet for performing the operation for ...

2. How do I link 2 JSP pages together?

Just wondering what the easiest way to connect 2 jsp pages together, I have one page and I need to have it link to another page when a customer clicks something. ...

3. Hide JSP page from direct access, but how do you access to the target page?

The URL below, the first content in the chosen answer describes JSP hiding. I so far understand that I can put jsp files under /WEB-INF directory. So that it prevents a ...

4. Problem with jsp/servlet page

I want to create a simple JSP page. I have an EJB, in this there is a session bean. I have a JSP page and a Servlet, but I have a strange ...

5. java server pages converted to servlet?

i read that inside the webserver a jsp page is converted to a servlet. When does this conversion happen ? Do i have to run a specific command ?

6. Javascript and Jsp page

This might be very simple one but i am not understanding where i am doing wrong. I have a form which has three links, namely LogIn,SignUp and ForgotPassword. I used javascript ...

7. Jsp page java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: javax.servlet.Servlet

I'm an intern in Java development and I'm stuck with a problem on my jsp page when I run my project I got this exception : GRAVE: "Servlet.service()" for the servlet LinkedServlet ...

8. don't allow non member show jsp page

i design a jsp page but i want only some one that login as member of my site(have session with some futures) see that page and if some one that is ...

9. java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space on JSP Pages

I was getting out of memory error on a spring framework application. I disabled a few filters (like security filter). But now the error is coming on JSP Pages. My JSP ...

12. Keep Alive and Dynmic Pages (JSP or Servlets)

During my tests on JRun I encountered the following interesting scenario, when I enabled the Keep Alive on the Server and Browser, and tried to open the main page on a copy of my app hosted on Jrun, the browser keep asking for the page, as if the download never stops, till the browser timeout after a while. I was reading ...

13. Servlets vs. Java Server Pages

15. jsp page extends servlet

16. Servlet code in JSP page

18. HeadFirst Servlets and JSP Page 345

21. LWS + servlet + jsp = "Page not found"

22. Reading web page from servlet

24. Ask a servlet to go to a www page

25. Servlet "Please Wait" Page

27. How does a servlet know when it is being redirected to the right page

I am writing a servlet that will send certain parameters to a foreign servlet which will decide on which web page to display basing on the parameters sent. And my web application will process accordingly depending on which web page is sent. My problem is that how will my servlet know which web page it is being redirected. Is there any ...

28. Getting Page Source In The Servlet

29. How to send the Resulset values to a JSP page from servlet?

There are several approaches. My favorite is to create a row bean with simple setters and getters for each column. For each row in the resultSet, create a new row bean and add it to an instance of List. The list can then be bound to request scope before forwarding to the JSP. There are JSTL tags for iterating through such ...

31. Autorefreshing a servlet page

36. Java Servlets and JSP pages

37. Head First: Servlets and JSP's - page 377-399

Hello, i was trying to solve my problem the last 50 minutes or so, but it remained just a try. I need your help. in chapter 8 the reader is introduced to scriptless JSP. I wanted to try out the examples, which were just shown on these pages, without explicitly to be told to actually try them out in real code. ...

38. getting value of jsp page in servlet

39. using history.go(-1) on servlet page

40. Make Servlet as the welcome page

41. Servlet not dircting to the next page

43. custom 404 page

44. How to invoke a jsp page from java which does not use Servlets?

Hello, I am working in Documentum. I am trying to invoke a jsp page from another java page which does not use Servlets. I tried doing this by just instantiating the java class related to the jsp page from my present java class.In my java class related to the jsp page, I have defined onInit() and onRender() methods. Now, I am ...

45. How to Access the Remote Servlet through a JSP Page

Hi , I wrote a servlet in my local system and It is running very well in my tomcat server5.5. Now I write a JSP code an another one system. Now I don't know how to call my servlet when Click a submit button. I need a small example or idea about this. Help me Thanks in advance, Maheshwaran Devaraj

47. Java servlet page question