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1. Displaying xhtml content in a jsp page

I have a JSP page that displays XHTML content. I have included the following lines at the top of my JSP page:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<% response.setContentType("application/xhtml+xml"); %>
<% request.setCharacterEncoding("UTF-8"); %>
If I change the ...

2. How to get web content before visit that web page

how to get description/content of web page for given URL. (Something like Google gives the short description of each resulting link). I want to do this in my jsp page. Thank in advance!

3. Compressing page content

4. Carry content onto another page?

Hey, im quite new to creating dynamic pages with JSP. At the moment I'm kinda getting the hand of it, I've managed to do thing such as carry content description into other pages etc. Im currently playing around with tables. At the moment I have 3 tables, and I want to put 2 of these tables onto another page in jsp. ...

5. JSP + useBeans + flush all my contents in my page

Hi, i have been searching the internet but I cannot find anything clue to this issue.Appreciate if anyone can help me with this. Currently I have a form in my JSP. This form when submitted should return back to this JSP again. I have beans to capture the fields for a particular form However ...

7. Problem with content type in jsp page

9. JSP page contents

10. page content type

12. jsp page contents..

13. getting page contents n servlet hit

15. how to preserve the lastly added contents in table in JSP page?

Hii all, I am developing some application in which I will add some information to the table by collecting content of each row from other page. There is add link in the last column of each row. Next time when I am trying to add information to next row the previously added information is getting vanished(since the first page is executing ...