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1. How to display ipv6 address on a web page?

I'd like to display an IPv6 address on a web page, as done on What's the best way to do this? A code sample would be most awesome.

2. JSP/ HTML page resolution

I have to make a JSP/HTML pages. How to fix height and width on JSP for resolution, which will work for all kind of monitor resolution. If you open page then that ...

3. How can I reuse HTML/JSP within a page?

I'm new to JSP, and I'm trying to reduce a massive amount of cut-and-pasted code.
On each page in the project, there are around 25 lines of mixed JSP,Struts tags,JSTL tags, and ...

4. Why do we need DOCTYPE to the HTML/JSP pages?

I have very basic question. I don't know this question makes any sense or not. I don't know the reason why we need DOCTYPE to the HTML/JSP pages also. The pages will work ...

5. Display html page from another domain

I have to display an html from another domain in my company's website. My company's website is behind a proxy and it is a secured site (https). The html page I ...

6. Getting Html of a jsp page from a servlet

A jsp page in which dynamic datas are there. I want to get the html of the jsp page which is shown in the browser , from the servlet. I want to store ...

7. How would I use JSP to write directly to a separate HTML page?

I was requested to built this project in JSP and one stipulation is that this project cannot have a database. I am trying to write a JSP form to allow ...

8. Captcha code makes all html elements disappear on jsp page

i got this java captcha code: I want to put the image the code generates in my jsp page, but when I write the code anywhere in the page, ...

9. I want to get the slideshow from jsp page to html can i do that?

this is my jsp page where it generates slideshow by extracting the images...but the slide show generated with the url of .jsp.. but i want in html how can i ...

10. How to write this in jsp page?

I want to write this code in jsp....Please help me

<td width="28" align="center">  
  <a href="#" onClick="copySelectedOptions(document.forms[0]['lstusr'],document.forms[0]['lstto'],false);return false;"><strong>&raquo;</strong></a><Br>
  <a href="#" onClick="removeSelectedOptions(document.forms[0]['lstto']); return false;"><strong>&laquo;</strong></a>

11. Problem in Jsp TabIndex Page

I have a JSP page in which I am setting a focus to a Textbox using document.getElementById('Form').elements['Textcontrol'].focus(); in which Textcontrol is html:text control and i have set a name, property,styleId in it. and ...

12. Send servlet back to Java page or back to html page

I have a form which submits to a Servlet from which the Servlet responds by showing the user name and thanks for the submission. I then want the user to ...

13. Small web Q&A page - JSP or HTML? 1 page or several?

I've been tasked with a small web flow. I need to ask a series of questions, then stop them or send them to a specified URL. I envision each line below ...

14. How to redisplay the value in html page

I have a signup.jsp page, there are some input boxes of html on this page, there is a input box for email-id also, when i submit form after fill ...

15. in HTML page can we use jsp code

In page.html we can use javascript code, I accept that, but can we use jsp and tld files in html files. Please explain.

16. Implementing horizontal tabs in Jsp page

Good afternoon I have not worked much with Html and Layout , and now i am working with JSP. I want to build a simple page with four horizontal tabs. Each time a user ...

17. How to display table rows from a servlet with HTML table in another html page?

I have a servlet with html table data.I need to display the rows from that table in the servlet in another html page. The bar is in the forwarded html, I ...


Hi, Can u please tell me ... say there is ann Html page ( no images only text) that has a link called agree/disagree... If I click on the link agree I want the whole content of the page in a .doc file which ill later send as a mail attachment. Please give me any idea.. thanx a lot

21. how to show html page

22. Editing html and jsp pages within the application itself

Hi all, I want to try something new but i don't know from where should i start. I was hoping if some one could suggests me some links on the following issue: Usually many of the applications that we give out to users are to be used as they are. Means the user cannot add or delete feilds from the existing ...

23. counting page of html site

25. its my html page

27. linking from html page to jsp page

28. servlets and html pages

29. Pop up new HTML page in JSP

Hi, I found a way of using javascript to open new HTML page from JSP or html: Is this the only way to do that? The ideal way I can imagine is to use JSP to pops up a new HTML and this new HTML can inherit ...

30. pointing HTML link to JSP page

31. Accessing Servlet from HTML page in VAJ

32. html page and servlet interaction Kindly help

in the html form where u r doing "POST" instaed do "GET" and see when the submit is been called in the url just see whether the username and password fields are been passed to the servlet with the query string or just call the servlet independently and passing the username and password fields as a query string.

33. what to use html page or a servlet

34. how to link an html page with servlet?

35. Get HTML Fragment From JSP Page

36. Declaring Links in HTML / JSP pages

I seem to recall a discussion in this forum some time ago describing a better way to declare URLs in and