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Would it be possible to execute a JSP page and capture its output outside of a web application? Mode specifically, in my case there still exists a usual web application, but ...

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I have a JSP page which contains an HTML <select> populated with all countries loaded from a database. Say for example, on "create user" all the country values are loaded in ...

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I have a web application. It views fine in Firefox and IE. But when I use Safari, there seems to be a problem while loading pages that are long enough to ...

4. JSP - Beginner question , Bypass the if..statement on page load?    stackoverflow.com

i am new in JSP,i have some problem with the following code :

    <%@ page contentType="text/html;charset=Big5" %>

5. AJAX get data from large HTML page as the large HTML page loads    stackoverflow.com

Not entirely sure whether this has a name but basically I have a large HTML page that is generated from results in a db. So viewing the HTML page (which is ...

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I have a button which should be disabled when the JSP page loads. How do I achieve this?

7. how to show "data loading" in a jsp page using servlets    stackoverflow.com

we have a classic JSP + Servlets application and would like to show "Content is loading" sort of message when data in the page takes a while to load. Is there ...

8. How to show loading while moving between pages    stackoverflow.com

I would like to have in my jsp when the user clicks on the submit button, a loading message or an image is shown while moving between the pages. So, how ...

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im having a JSP page on clicking a button it will open a new page ones it closed , i need to get the previous page . i tried to open the ...

10. How to call a javaScript Function in jsp on page load without using     stackoverflow.com

How can a JavaScript function in JSP be called during page load without using

<body onload="disableView()">
I have to call this function in a few JSP's on page load but JSP's are divided ...

11. Can you load a JSP page via an ajax?    stackoverflow.com

Want to execute some JSP code via an ajax call: We're doing

Shouldn't that work? The jsp file is like this:
<jsp:scriptlet> session.removeAttribute </jsp:scriptlet>
I can tell it's not "firing" because the attribute still exists.

12. JSP pages with Javascript load very very very slow on NetBeans!    forums.netbeans.org

as per subject, -after- i opened a .jsp page with javascript (the codes is displayed in the working area), NetBeans will be using 100% of the processor.. i didn't opened any ...

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Hi all, I have a requirement. I am doing a reports module. In the first jsp of this module, the user will select from the form what are the reports he wants. After selection he will submit the form. Once submitted, my second jsp retrieves the data from the database calculates the reports and displays it to the user. But this ...

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Hi All, I need to dispay a waiting message in browser until i load a jsp page. The scenario is once i submit a form, some db operations are taking place. Since it takes quite some time for retrieving the data i need to display some kind of waiting message till the jsp gets loaded with results data. Any ways to ...

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I have some problem with my JSP pages. This problem occurs in Mozilla but not in IE I have links on the top of the page. Example: "Link to page A | Link to page B | Link to page C" When I click the link in mozilla sometimes the page is done loading but it only says "done" in the ...

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I am trying to use ajax to refresh a page fragment located in the same JSP. I have been told I can do this by placing my fragment within div tags. Here is what I have now, am I on the right track? Thanks. From the browser when enter loginPage.jsp it always loads with the old value which was present in loginPage. jsp. But when i hit refresh button, it reloads the new value. ...

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33. Partial Loading of page in JSP    coderanch.com

Hi All, I have scenario which I am not sure is even possible or not. Here is what I am looking for: I enter a URL in the browser and wait for the page to load, but it never finishes loading. The server should return some initial content to be displayed in the browser, but it should not close the connection, ...

35. showing "loading in progress" while loading a new jsp page    forums.oracle.com

Hi sir i am following the mvc architure my view is jsp and using servlets.when i have performed operation and while the new jsp page is getting loaded which takes data from the data base i have to show "loading in progress" to the user. please tell me how to do this preferably not in a complicated manner. sreenath.acharath@gmail.com