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1. How to get the JSP page name

2. Obtaining JSP Name in JSP Page

Well, you certainly have access to the URL that invoked the page... but that may or may not contain the JSP name depending upon how you have your servlet mapping set up. In any case, depending upon how your URLs look, perhaps there is something within it (action names for example) that you can key off of? As far as I ...

3. Getting a .jsp page's name

I've tried getting the answer from the doco for page and pageContext, to no avail. Is there a way to get the name of the page/.jsp file. What I want to do is create an include file, and have it show different images based on the page that is being displayed. I can pass the page name as a parameter, but ...

4. Getting tha name of the JSP page?

5. Servlet needs to pick up page name

6. knowing invoking JSP page name

8. How to hide the Jsp page name?