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1. Pure JSP page navigation best practice?

What's the best way I can implement navigation links between various JSP pages of my Web app? Suppose that I have a list.jsp that shows a list of items. Then the user ...

2. Best strategy to handle page navigation in JSP

I am exploring JSP to implement dynamic web pages. One issue to solve is navigation between pages. Users have the possibility to go back and forward in their browsers. This has to ...

3. Page Navigation Problem

Hello everyone, I have a question on Page Navigation with JSP & BEAN . I am kind of new to this field and kind of confuse, pls help. First of all I have few Variable and I send it to my JSP Page and I get hello=1&me=2&me=3 I need to make a page navigation, so I add OFFSET & LIMIT to ...

4. Page Navigation

one question on google search if u enter some querry in the google usually it displays the results 1.dsfdsfjd 2 afdsf 3 .fsdfhfgh and at the end it shows like pages 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 how can these be shown what the logic behin d them ?

5. Dynamic navigation of jsp pages

6. Page Navigation

7. how to save data from vanishing during page navigation?

I have a JSP(A),enter some data in the page A and navigate to another page B(JSP),here I enter some data and again navigate to page A. Now ,I want Page A to have the previously entered data and I take the from data from page B and put into page A As per my understanding If navigate to page B then ...

8. page navigation problem

9. code for page navigation