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1. javascript dialogbox without opening page

I have to display dialog box from servlet but without opening new window. Below is code

PrintWriter printWriter =response.getWriter();
 String s ="<HTML><HEAD><TITLE>JavaScript Example</TITLE>"+
 "alert('File Uploaded');"+
printWriter.print(s); This code ...

2. how can i open jsp/servlet page from remote pc?

first of all i will thank to who will help me out this.. my actually question is that , there is two pc in LAN in my house. and i make LAN ...

3. Opening File Chooser in a jsp Page?

4. Open a JSP PAGE

Hi guys i am here. I was trying to send a request with our own frame work . the fact is that i can see on the console the System.out from the page but the page itself cant be load. the code where i invoque a servlet is on a JAVA CLASS URL miDescripcion; servletSalida = "http://localhost:8080/Servlet"; try { miDescripcion =new ...

6. Cannot open JSP page

7. Open a JSP page without doing hardcoded the credential in hyperlink.

Hi, I have one JSP page(a.jsp) and when I try to open this page it asks for username and password. I want to open this JSP page through a html page(b.html) with the help of hyperlink. One way is; If I hard coded the username and password in the hyperlink i.e. Click here to check . but this way ...