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1. Help with JSP Page

2. page by page

3. Using a combo list box on JSP page question?

I have a combo list box on my homepage and as soon as somebody chooses there search method. I want to take them to the next page to get their search criteria. I also have another question about JSPs. Here is my example: After the user chooses the district search option. I need to fill a table up with all the ...

4. Designing Page Builder

5. Page margin and orientation problem

6. Problem With Pages

8. refeshed page

9. A JSP Page is a subclass of ?

I am looking at an application that was written by an unknown party. In a JSP, I see the code: <%= this.getServletContext() %> (why the unknown party didn't use the application variable, I do not know). My development environment suggests that the method getServletContext() is not valid within a JSP page. It seems to suggest that a JSP is solely an ...

11. JavaServer Pages - 2nd ed. vs 3rd ed.

Hans- I use the 2nd edition of your JSP book as my JSP reference and really like it (I specially use the appendices a lot). Is there any difference in the way the 3rd edition is written (composed) besides the inclusion of the new topics from the JSP 2.0 specs. Also, my understanding of JSTL is that a majority of the ...

12. Problem with redirectin to a jsp page

Hi, Everytime i redirect the jsp page to another jsp page,along with the next page the below lines r displayed,only after refreshing the page this data is not seen.... can u plz suggest sum methods to avoid these lines gettin displayed again n again... HTTP/1.1 200 OK Content-Type: text/html;charset=8859_1 Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2004 06:25:31 GMT Transfer-Encoding: chunked Server: Apache Tomcat/4.0-m5 ...

13. Page 156 in Sample Chapter of JavaSrver Pages

Hi Ko Ko, One of the reasons I think of is the pre-compliation issue. For Classic and Simple Tags, we need to compile them before we can use them. And thus, they are already inside the memory of the container. For tag files, like JSP, it is compiled on request. Maybe there are some ways, like JSP, that can pre-compile, but ...

14. Deny access to a JSP page

16. return to wrong page

17. how to remove history from jsp pages

18. disable the links in jsp page

19. Retaining values between JSP pages

Hi, Can someone please help? Here's the problem I'm having: I have a user who enters a product number on the JSP page (let's call it page1.jsp). The user hits the submit button and the product number goes to a Java Action class that retrieves the product from a database. The results are stored in a Table. The table is stored ...

20. preventing direct access to jsp pages

21. Problem running a JSP page

23. jsp page wont recognise class

24. How to split a page

25. best method for getting current page?

26. Page Break

27. help required on access managment of jsp pages

Hi! we are developing J2ee application in which we have many Jsp pages , these jsp pages are accessed by different clients in different modes (i.e if administrator is watching a page then all the facilities in page will be available to him but if any other user is watching the same page then he will not be able to use ...

28. pre-populating pages

Is it possible to link to a site and prepopulate fields on their home page without passing parameters. Our website is linking to a business partner's website and would like to pass information to their home page and prepopulate certain fields. They cannot allocate resource to amend their site to accept parameters. I don't think that it is possible but have ...

29. JavaScript section in JSP Page

Hello, I have a Javascript section in my JSP page as follows: What I am confused about is, if I navigate away from this page, and then navigate back ...

30. page transition in JSP-logic needed

hi all, i have a problem with JSP... let me explain my problem in detail... i have three JSP pages. in the first page im getting two values from a text box and submitting the form and directing to second JSP in the second jsp iam retreiving certain values from a database using the values entered in the first JSP and ...

31. How to control page transitions?

32. Can I write a method in a jsp page

33. how to know the last page visited?

34. To break the execution in a JSP page?

How about creating an empty custom tag called myBreak. Just implement the Tag interface, make doStartTag return SKIP_BODY and doEndTag return SKIP_PAGE. (You can do the same by extending TagSupport and implementing doEndTag to return SKIP_PAGE). This will will give you a clean way of stopping execution at any point of your JSP and has the advantage of being reusable. You ...

35. Page buffering in JSP

36. Problem with precompiling my JSP pages.

37. how to run a jsp page

38. Is there something limiting the size of my jsp page?

This is actually a test situation. I'm programming a perl script to load a database and the input is a screen dump of message counts from another machine. I'm fairly certain I've got it, but I need to check it. The easiest way (visually) I could see to check the data from a table with 230 columns with 30+ character column ...

39. page information

40. how to find the size of web page

41. how to create timer in jsp page ?

42. passing information to next page

43. Need help writing LoginCheck.jsp page

I am trying to write a LoginCheck.jsp page so that when someone visits any page on my site, it will check this jsp script thru a

44. How can I get correct backto page?

Hi All, I'm new here. I need your help with the browser back button. The sequence of the jsp pages are: page 1 -> page 2 -> page 3. On page 2, there is an 'Export to Excel' button. When user clicks on it, it goes back to the servlet and generate an Excel file and downloads it to jsp page ...

45. Jsp page problem

46. Creating a class within JSP to be shared among pages

Normally, JSPs make use of bean classes (via jsp:useBean) compiled separately and stored in a JAR/WAR or in the WEB-INF/classes folder. However, we have a need for customers to create JSP pages in which they'd like to define their own simple beans. Today, we do that by defining a class within the JSP using the constructs. This has worked well. However, ...

47. Navigate back and forth in JSP pages

I have two JSP pages: PAGE A: It has data from that consists of only certain fields as table(multrow, one row each record). By clicking(selecting) a row user goes to page B. PAGE B: It has data for the row selected in Page A. I am trying to find way I can go back to Page A once I am on ...

48. problem with Links which address jsp page in subdirectpry of www root

Hi I have a very strange problem with my web application I used SiteMesh successfully with my web application Now the problem is that : some of my web pages (.jsp) files are in subdirectory of my root www you think that in : jsp/pages/products/aaaa.jsp when i click on link wich should open aaaa.jsp it opens the page but all other ...

49. anywhere to set "init-param" type values for a JSP page ?

Hi, Its not directly possible to set the init parameters for JSP page because it gets converted to Servlet at one point of time. To get around this.. use application level parameters within you web.xml file as follows: Place this xml code within the tags in your web.xml.. but not within the tags. theName theValue repeat for ...

50. terminate a JSP page

Folks: jsp1 has a return statement at the end. Then I include it on top of jsp2 with: Now jsp2 still displays even though jsp1 has a return statement! Why is that? I tried it on JRun and Tomcat inside JBuilder. I am trying to write jsp1 as a common security check jsp, so it returns if user ...

51. parse jsp page

52. Java Script in JSP page

53. Coding in the doService() JSP page.

54. Easy way to get env-entry in jsp page

56. jsp page

57. jsp page

58. jsp page modified

59. The Secret Life of JavaServer Pages

60. Sharing pages among webapps

Hi! I currently have several webapps for the same website. This was the initial design of my website. However, this architecture implies code duplication and makes it impossible sharing pages among webapps ( for ex. using "jsp:include" or "netui-template:template" and absolute URLs ) I want to migrate all the webapps under a main webapp which would have separate folders (instead of ...

61. preventing direct access to JSP pages

"k mut", I noticed that you have also posted this question in the Servlets forum, and it has since been moved to the Struts forum due to your poor use of subject. Please do not cross-post the same question in multiple forums. It wastes people's time when multiple redundant conversations take place. This topic is now closed. Please continue any discussion ...

63. Scan single page

Hello, I have a web application deployed on a web server (OAS). I have installed a scanner system (IWSS) in order to scann the HTTP traffic. In case, i want to scan one page, could you please advise me how can i make it in my JSP, because i try the following scenario and on the action, the next page redirect ...

64. problem with my jsp page

error is: org.apache.jasper.JasperException: Unable to compile class for JSP An error occurred at line: 6 in the jsp file: /send/send.jsp Generated servlet error: The method getparameter(String) is undefined for the type HttpServletRequest An error occurred at line: 6 in the jsp file: /send/send.jsp Generated servlet error: The method getparameter(String) is undefined for the type HttpServletRequest An error occurred at line: 6 ...

65. Setting home page

66. Problem getting result on Page

I am working with a simple html page that makes a call to a servlet that accesses data from a database using JDBC. Everything seems to be working fine except when I hit the submit button on the html page. I get part of what I expect. I expect to see a html page with a table with information. I get ...

67. why jsp:invoke not allowed in JSP pages

68. Single page development

69. jsp page problem in wsad

Hi All, I am having a strange problem with my WSAD. We have some jsp pages which need to be modified. When I open the project in WSAD, most of the code is shown in dull shade and wouldnt let me modify that part. I can only insert new stuff which uses the available suggestions( like etc.. eventhough I add them, ...

70. setting a page element

71. syntax for page elements

72. Checking for specific page

73. Page Expires

75. Page expires by itself

76. reuqest not being propagated to next page

Hi , I have set an attribute in request scope in my jsp.On clicking button i go to another jsp where i am trying to retreive the attribute i set in the request. But here the value is null as if like no attribute is set. Would appreciate any solution for this. Thanks, Sridhar.

77. getting paramerts in another page

78. HashSet in JSP page

79. how to retain the jsp page

80. buffer in jsp page

81. recordset in different pages

Thanks 4 answering me. I never used display tag. How do i use that in my application. I am making a MIS which will display records. It is a huge list , thats why i want to display it in different pages.. in that interface I hav a "DownLoad to Excel" button , which will export the data into a excel ...

82. How to create a video virtual tour player on my JSP page.

just insert this code inside your jsp to embedd the carefull to include AC_quicktime.js object classid="clsid:02BF25D5-8C17-4B23-BC80-D3488ABDDC6B" width="320" height="306" standby="Data is loading..." codebase="" ID="Object1" VIEWASTEXT>

83. Delete a row from the result page

84. no. of hits in a web page

There are many ways to do it. There are also many ways to interpret "number of hits". Do you want the number to increment if the same use reloads the page or leaves the page but comes back within the same session? Are you already using a relational database with your app? If not, you'll need to decide whether this feature ...

85. Complie a JSP Page

86. Setting page var in scriptlets function?

Hi, I cant make it to run we service function in JSP because I cant get request variable from the same page: I have login.jsp page: <% String username = (String) request.getParameter(username); String password = (String) request.getParameter(password); try { getWebServiceSEIPort().authentication(username,password); } ...

87. JSP Page

88. JSP Page

89. not linking to other jsp page

90. how to access value from a page

Hi, I need a small suggestion. THe problem is I have one jsp and in that jsp i have a text box filled with some value and in the same jsp i have another hyperlink which takes to another page. Suppose i change the value of textbox in main jsp, and i click on the hyperlink on that jsp, i am ...

92. correct code to comeback to home page

93. page

94. Resolution Idependent JSP page

95. Problem in showing picture on jsp page

96. problem with my page

this is my coding: <%@ page import="*" %> <%@ page import="java.util.*" %> <%@ page import="*" %> <%@ page import="java.sql.*" %> <% Vector mail = new Vector (); try{ Class.forName("com.mysql.jdbc.Driver").newInstance(); } catch (Exception E) { out.println("Unable to load driver."); E.printStackTrace(); } try{ Connection C = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:mysql://localhost/attendance","root",""); out.println("

"+""+"Student BarList"+""+"
"); out.println("In this page will display out the student that attendance NOT MORE ...

97. home page vanished

98. Halting execution of a JSP page.

99. How start developing a JSP page?