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1. JSP Page problem

2. How to determine page type

Hello everyone, I have question, in flow of my application i need to determine if the current pagetype is errorPage or not.How to get the value of isErrorPage attribute used withing page directive ? Is there any way to get this, other than that also i wonder if it is possible to get value of directive attributes ? Thanks in advance ...

5. Creating Edit Profile Page in JSP

6. history problem in jsp page

hi everyone i have a jsp page suppose which i am using dropdown menu to displays:list of data from database,one submit button i am using name select and click here.after selecting the value from dropdown menu ,again some other data will be displayed from some other table in same a.jsp page. my problem is: when user selects one value from ...

7. View Source of Jsp page

I'm not sure why it matters to you. If you're concerned with performance, many containers have the ability to gzip the output which would effectively remove extra whitespace during the tcp/ip transmission. Containers that use the Jasper JSP compiler, can take advantage of the 'trimSpaces' setting that asks the compiler not to add extra whitespace around JSP action tags. This won't ...

9. Restrict JSP Page

That's because redirects involve direct access between the resource and the browser. A redirect works by sending a 30x header and a location header to the browser. Once received, the browser makes a new request for resource. Because, in your case, the resource is not available for direct access to the web, a 404 error is thrown. Using RequestDispatcher.forward on the ...

10. BACK link in jsp pages

11. how can i achive page notioning in jsp

12. JSP pages problem...

13. encrypting passwrd on JSP page

14. How to add a method to a jsp page?

I've got this jsp code, and I want to add a method to it - how do I do it?!... <%@ page import="java.util.*" %> <%@ page import="*" %> <%@ page import="*" %> <% // read post from PayPal system and add 'cmd' Enumeration en = request.getParameterNames(); String str = "cmd=_notify-validate"; while(en.hasMoreElements()){ String paramName = (String)en.nextElement(); String paramValue = request.getParameter(paramName); str = ...

15. how to Autosave the changes when the page is changed?

hi all, I am doing pagination in jsp and here is my code for pagination: ---------------------------------------------------------------- "> ...

16. run SELECT in the JSP page

17. Using a custom class within a JSP page

18. BreadCrumb on JSP pages

19. Delete Confirmation page

20. problem in jsp page

Hi all, this is my program i want insert the data from jsp page when ever i am excuting the this i am getting following error Book Entry FormDocument

21. JSP page when translated ..

22. Break per page

Dear All, I have a problem; I'm trying to make a JSTL page to print a long table, And im trying to include header and footer. I need to make it as pages and each page shold include table with header and footer(not one long table). I tried to make it by number of rows but sometimes the height of a ...

24. information required JSP page integration

Dear All, We have a project in which there is simple a JSP page containing a button when the button will be clicked the report will be displayed on the JSP page , the report is designed using Crystal Reports 11 , we are using macromedia for JSP coding , now my question is as follows: 1) How can I integrate ...

25. Make JSP Page alive

27. It takes very long to generate a page

29. JSP page generator

30. Restricting JSP page to get access directly

I dont think the standard is to have JSP pages inside the WEB-INF/ folder. Then again why put JSP pages in WEB-INF folder, cos it is there for you lib, classes and tlds. How ever if you are trying to secure the files then you can add a value to your session object and check it on every page that should ...

31. moving page

32. JSP web pages

33. writing JSP page

Just a note if you are thinking of using graphic buttons: Assume the button has the name 'NEXT'. When you query the presence of the button in your servlet you should do the following: if (req.getParameter("NEXT") != null | | req.getParameter("NEXT.x") != null) {// NEXT button was clicked } (I leave the old form in the servlet in case the designer ...

34. Reverse Transition through JSP pages

35. Accessing JSP page from network

36. invoking a JSP page

37. Problem in running jsp page in javawebserver

hello, I have problem in running the jsp page in javawebserver the program is given below HELLO

<% if (request.getParameter("name") == null) { out.println("HELLO World"); } else { out.println("Hello,"+ request.getParameter("name")); } %>

I have saved this file in hello1.jsp,I put this file in Public_html directory in javawebserver2.0.,I have started javawebserver,after that in the ...

39. Weird JSP page

41. How to create a jsp page based on rules..

Hi I have got a problem. Description: To show a jsp page (Number of text boxes and their size) depending on the rules which has to be stored in SOMEWHERE . I don't have much exposure to XML .My understding if I use xml to store the rules it would be flexible don't know much .. I would appreciate any suggestion ...

42. JSP Pages Drag and Drop


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43. synchronized(page) is jsp

45. List of Values in JSP Pages

46. Wait page in jsp

Hi, I have a jsp page that is creating an xml file on the server. The server has a process that takes this xml and creates a word document on the server. My jsp page basically waits to see if the word document is on the server then it will redirect the user to the word doc. While it is waiting ...

47. Reseltset to JSP page

48. Safeguarding JSP pages

Hi Thanks for the reply. The application was already developed and I'm trying to just implement the security. I tried to move the JSPs under WEB-INF Folder, but since there are so many dependencies, I was not able to. I will give a try using the filters. Is there some websites to go through for implementing filters?

49. Can a DLL be used in JSP Page

50. JSP Page question

54. to get all required fields in single page

I had developed a application where there are three drop downs placed adjacent to each other . when i click a value from any drop down a image has been viewed . but the problem i am getting is that the image is viewed or opened in different page. i need to be get the image in the same page where ...

57. registration page using jsp and ajax

61. ${} is not working in JSP page.

62. handle nulls on JSP page

Essentially, those null checks you're hesitant to sprinkle all over your page is exactly what you're going to need to do if you're just using standard scriptlets. Obviously, the evolution was to create a custom tag or something that embeds this type of logic, so it's reusable. That evolved into a conglomeration of common practices to be grouped together into standard ...

63. Jsp pages

64. bookmark a page

I am developing a application where i have to develop a functionality named "Bookmarking a page".The scenario is when an user logins in my application he will have facilities to read a subject content where the contents moves by pagination. Now the user wishes to bookmark a page i had placed a button or icon to bookmark that page where i ...

65. Sending Free Fax thru JSP Page

Thank you Ulf Dittmer for your swift response. Actully I have got an idea recently and searching in internet to get some API's where I can do it. I have failed completely and I thought of placing a request in Javaranch as Javaranch helped me a lot in developing my career. My project plan is to send fax to a fax ...

66. Parsing an JSONArray on to JSP Page

67. can i apply Ajax in jsp pages and how ?

- andy c "Pseudo code first. If you can pseudo code accurately, when you start writing code, you're just applying syntax to the pseudo code. It separates the two most complicated pieces of programming into manageable bites. You create your app's workflow without worrying about syntax. Then you code without worrying about your app's workflow."

69. to get the radio value in another jsp page

i am currently using a jsp named findtrain.jsp" where i used a radio button to select a train from the list.. and then on clicking the bookticket user is forwarded to a bookticket.jsp in a new window... where i am using request.getParameter(" xyz"); but i am getting a null value ...... i also tried to use the hidden fields but it's ...

70. Old JSP page is suddenly incomplete

Hello, I am completely new to Tomcat so please bear with my ignorance. I've searched through some of the archives but quite honestly I don't even know what to look for. I'm supporting an application that was developed long ago by someone who is no longer employed here. Unfortunately nobody else has any knowledge of this application either. It has been ...

72. My Jsp page not working

73. how to fix "unchecked" warnings in JSP pages

Personally, there are so many warnings issued by containers, that this is just another one that I wouldn't worry about it. It's obviously nothing that's going to cause any problems in the running code. But, if it matters to you, whatever an answer might be is sure to be container-specific. I'm guessing Tomcat?

74. table on JSP page from java list

75. problems on JSP page

76. what is precompiling a JSP page

77. implementing braedcrumbs in a jsp page

78. JSP Pages and CVS

Hi, I have a lot of jsp files in CVS that are not compilable files. (e.g. *.html, *.jsp etc). I use the following template on each new file that is checked in to cvs. File : $RCSfile$ ($Source$) Summary : $Id$ Change Log ---------- $Log$ This means that whenever a file is update or modified and then checked in, a log ...

79. JSP pages hangs

I am working on a Spring based web application consisting of Jsp pages as part of the presentation layer. These jsp pages have TreeTable controls (built using DHMTLx). I am facing an issue where sometimes my jsp pages simply hangs. By "hang" I mean the body tag "onload" event never gets called and I dont see any activity in my log ...

80. How can i Jsp page itself

I have two Jsp pages named bestschool.jsp and schoolnames.jsp. I am calling schoolnames.jsp from bestschool.jsp. I want when I click the link on INDUS School. It can show all concerning link of INDUS School links like profile, result, facility etc. in the same place instead of other naming school links. my requiremet main is i want to update the information on ...

82. JSP two pages

84. jsp page iterator help

85. pass paramter between jsp page

as the page is already in the frame of another page. so when the user click on the linkage, the target should be _self. the URL still be the page file contain this frame. no change of the url when user click the linkage. by the way, if i don't get the resultset and then read it on jsp. what should ...

86. How to create a flexible jsp page?

Hi all, I need your help. I have a problem that how to create a flexible jsp page depending on what user choose in the previous page? For example, depending on the value of the radio button in previous page, then the next page will have more input control such as: a file input, a text input, a select input....I intended ...

88. Get the list of printers configured on the Server machine via a JSP page

Hi all, Following is the scenario: User wants to access the list of printers configured on the servers and fire an output. Following is our piece of code: <%@page import="java.util.*"%> <%@page import="javax.print.PrintServiceLookup"%> <%@page import="javax.print.PrintService"%>

<% String printServices; /* Locate print services which can print a GIF in the manner specified */ PrintService[] pservices = PrintServiceLookup.lookupPrintServices(null, ...

89. problem in value retrieve at other page

90. Using ResourceBundle in JSP page

91. unable to get values for modify page

hi, i developed jsp it i need to modify the elements ..for that i used beans to store already existing values and if i call the jsp page by using EL it should take the existing values and do getting for textboxes but im not getting for textarea..can any one suggest me how to is my code... modify.jsp ...

92. Linking to different sections on a JSP page from another JSP page

Hi All, I have two JSP files: List,jsp and Report.jsp List.jsp lists down report links and when any of those links is clicked, the user is navigated to Report.jsp. Report.jsp contains a detailed report corresponding to each link. All i want is that when I click a link on List.jsp, Report.jsp should automatically be scrolled to the section of the corresponding ...

93. how to shrink jsp page

Hi all, 1) one page have includeed so many jsp pages. Now If i added extra code,it is nt compiling . some method written in some jsp pages , so i think that move to those method in to java class ,so in that way i can shrink jsp page . is it correct ? 2) In jsp page , String ...

94. How to run a JSP Page

95. JSP page setHeader issues

96. JSP Page to know what it does

97. hiding the jsp extension for my pages.

98. Creating a Profile Page/Link

99. how to get values from jsp pages

Hello Everybody, I Am New To JSP-SERVLETS & I Have Working On Example Where I Have 1 Jsp Page Where We Select Color & When Click On Next We Get 2nd JSP Page Where We select Brands & In This 2nd JSP Page I Get Value Of Color using colorbrand = request.getParameter("color"); session.setAttribute("col",colorbrand); and set in session with variable named "col" ...

100. page language