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1. how we can count no.of hits on a JSP page?

The article is for absolute newbies, who doesn't have even basic idea's about JSP.. The article doesn't intend to explain how to write a good JSP page, the purpose is to let them understand the life cycle, and if ever they want, how they can declare variables, functions inside JSP. I know it's not a good practice to have jsp declare ...

5. designing jsp page

6. jsp page in my domain

7. web page as attachment

8. When to use a JSP page?

Adam Zedan wrote:My question is why do we use JSP ?? Is the sole purpose of a JSP to accomodate the response from a servlet perhaps organize it into a presentable form , by applying MVC type pattern where the jsp page serves as the view a servlet as a controller and a plain old java object as a model ?? ...

10. Linking one jsp page to another

Hi... I am new to JSP. I m getting HTTP Status 404 error whenever I try to link one jsp page to another using anchor tag. I double checked respective linking path, but still getting error. Actually, one jsp page is in context root and the other one is in the WEB-INF/View directory. I m using NetBeans IDE 5.5 with bundled ...

11. How to exit from a jsp page

12. problem in onload of the page

14. How to maintain state between different pages in jsp

Hiii I am doing online examination project in jsp.In one page there is one question and 5 options.If i click on next next question come. And if i click on previous button then previous question should come.If i go next or previous then previously selected radio button does not appear as selected.So,there is big problem while calculating result.So,please give me a ...

16. Prevent double-click in a JSP Page

Hello! I am trying to use JavaScript in a JSP page to avoid users from double-clicking a hyperlink. Is there any way that can be done? Basically I need to avoid the user from clicking the link multiple times to prevent WebLogic server to process multiple requests. Thanks for your help. -PV

19. Expaire page in jsp plz help me

21. Problem in JSP pages

22. inserting a editor in jSP page

23. How To Edit/Add JSP Pages in NetBeans IDE

24. JSP pages

I am very new to JSP . Inorder to test my example jsp pages, I need to install apache in my system. Thats when I saw a folder named apache inside an existing folder of an already installed application framework . Does that mean that I have already installed it in my system?? Inside the apache folder, there is a tomcat ...

25. Initializing a class from a JSP page

Hi guys, I'm new to Java, and I really mean NEW. I'm about to start a Java course in a few days, but I can't wait to get started, so I did start. Here's my issue. I've set up Tomcat and installed Eclipse. I've also created a class to download the source code of a page: Java Code: package myPackage; import ...

26. Need Help on JSP Page

27. JSP Pages

28. Help! Using Serial Port From JSP Page

}// end constructor sendData() public void setOutputStream(String data) { portList = CommPortIdentifier.getPortIdentifiers(); while (portList.hasMoreElements()) { portId = (CommPortIdentifier) portList.nextElement(); if (portId.getPortType() == CommPortIdentifier.PORT_SERIAL) { if (portId.getName().equals("COM1")) { try { serialPort = (SerialPort)"sendDataApp", 2000); outputStream = serialPort.getOutputStream(); serialPort.setSerialPortParams(2400, SerialPort.DATABITS_8, SerialPort.STOPBITS_1, SerialPort.PARITY_NONE); outputStream.write(data.getBytes()); } catch (PortInUseException e) { System.out.println(e.toString()); } catch (IOException e) { System.out.println(e.toString()); } catch (UnsupportedCommOperationException e) { System.out.println(e.toString()); } ...

29. JSP Page Flicker

30. NetBeans is not runing web pages or JSP's

Hello, I'm working in a project and I recently bought a new computer that has windows Vista (home premium) and I installed netBeans and it works fine when I'm doing java classes.In the project i need to display several JSP pages and HTML page but when I try to run the pages this is the message i The module has not ...

31. How do I bring in a value to my jsp page?

32. web serviuce from JSP page

33. accessing class method in JSP page

34. How to run jsp page

35. Not able to run Jsp page

36. Table sorting in jsp pages using Java script

37. Problem in creating unique pages in jsp

38. moving among jsp pages.....

Hi, I have a button in a jsp page that directs it to the same page...... Now , when i press the button i want to first direct it to the same page, some processing.....and then direct to some other page with a msg attribute.... itried using the response.sendredirect() as well as but it either gives IllegalStateException or says "trying ...

39. help with jsp page

40. how to write an mark entry page in jsp

i am trying to write an web based page in java to get mark entry for students. By selecting a subjectNmae in the combo box present in the page the student list corresponding to the subject should be displayed with rollNo, stdName and a text box corresponding to them for mark entry and an buttton to submit and a button to ...

41. problem with jsp page

{color:#ff0000}The problem is with 3rd jsp page when the control goes to third page it shows error. In this jsp page I am trying to retrieve the username and password which were submitted in 1st html page. and if the username ans password does not matches with that then it should show not correct and the control should move to the ...

42. Need help in jsp page.

43. Viewing printed jsp pages

Working on an application that prints several jsp pages. I need to change the styling on the page but its hard to track the elements, and it sucks making changes and then reprinting(repeat). Is there a call I can make to print out the page. The actually page is a link element that gets printed somehow(not entirely sure). I tried something ...

44. Can't visit jsp pages in 64 bit mode without first visiting them in 32 bit

Hi, we have an application that we deployed into a standalone oc4j running on solaris 10 x86 sun workstation. Oc4j is run in 64 bit mode. After Oc4j is started, any jsp page we try to visit, the page fails to be shown and the below error is shown in the log: INFO: Unable to dispatch JSP Page : Exception:oracle.jsp.provider.JspCompileException: Errors ...

46. Help for compling JSP pages!!!!

47. How to implement tabbed pages in JSP

Currently i have created a JSP home page and in that home page i've given the hyper link of 6 similar pages with different purpose. But it would be good if these hyperlinks can be converted into tabbed pages(like what we see when we enter ""). I have another requirement also which is to implement to sub jsp pages for each ...

48. How to Run My Java Application from JSP Page

49. save option for jsp page

50. Integrate flash component into JSP page

51. Ajax implementation on my JSP PAGE

Hi.. In my jsp page I am uploading *.XLS file and in the nest page I am Selecting the sheets in that .XLS file, I want to implement AJAX so that I can upload the (.XLS file) and select the sheets in the .XLS file in Single JSP file Can any one know how to implement? Thanks Mallik

52. page preview as in word using java in jsp

53. Prevent direct access to JSP pages

55. how to reuse jsp page?

how to reuse jsp page? suppose one arganization want to maintain the same thing on the every layout.. forexample comp maintain the company logo on top of the page and in body according to user clicks on menu option he will get and footer maintain the same thing for all pages like copyright... r u getting me if getting pls give ...

56. JSP page slows down

57. JSP page slows down

58. java code in jsp page

59. how to add tabs in jsp page?

60. hi friends.. some problem in jsp page......

61. how to add gadget to my jsp page,,,

62. Need to show an alternate jsp page

63. how Invoking modem from a JSP page

This sounds so very wrong on many levels. - JSP doing something else but displaying data: horrible application design. - J2EE accessing telephony hardware: I guess it's not specified and not portable. But look at the Telephony API (JTAPI) - invoking a modem on a server: shouldn't the server already be connected to the network?


well as far as far as my knowledge is concern there could be two possiblities here. 1). check for a jar file called el-api.jar at %CATLINA_HOME%\lib folder if that is missing i'd advice to go with new TOMCAT installation or replace the appropriate jar just to verify that its the suitable jar file i'm pasting the content of file inside ...

66. Values disappearing in my JSP page

HI Guys i am stuck with a problem for which i need your help.i will list my query below In my JSP i am having a combo box from which i can select values needed for data manipulation and navigation to other page.Firstly i select a value from the combo box in my main JSPand do necessary processing.After navigation to other ...

67. Any body help me in writing a JSP page

68. why Warning in jsp page ?

i have a mutiple file attachment jsp page. while pressing back button after attaching the files i got the warning why did i get this message? can any one explaine me thanks in advance Warning: Page has Expired The page you requested was created using information you submitted in a form. This page is no longer available. As a security precaution, ...

69. related to collection(send more than one vales from my jsp page)

hi, i want to send more than one vales from my jsp page Like i have a table samle no type cat qty approved 1 a 2 45 y 2 a 2 20 y 3 b 3 45 n 4 b 2 30 y 5 a 4 5 n when i submit the jsp page these values should be submited to ...

70. how to link between 2 pages in jsp

There are many ways to achieve this, but if you want to use purely jsp, then use anchor tag . Imagine is you have two jsp's one for display the name (JSP1), and second two execute the query base and show the data (JSP2) Now define a anchor tag in JSP1 and in href give "JSp2.jsp?name=PIZZA" in JSP2 write the query ...

71. JSP page problem

If you want to use 'DateFormatBean' class file in useBean then make sure the class file is with proper package foldere is placed in WEB-INF/classes folder If you making jar of the 'DateFormatBean' class then copy Jar in WEB-INF/lib folder. Restart your tomcat and test it. Edited by: 833545 on Aug 11, 2011 6:28 PM

72. jsp's page general questions.