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1. to know the name of the previous page

2. Track previous page

3. Disable previous page

4. First/Previous/Next/Last Page

Hello there, Problem: I want to implement "First/Previous/Next/Last Page" function for data retrive. I think there are three strategies for this. 1. Download all records in client, control them with JS. 2. Retrive data again from DB every time of turning page. 3. Retrive all records one time, then cache them in server memory to response client retrieve. Question: Can somebody ...

5. Fetching Values from previous Page

Hi, scenario: The list of employees is listed to the Administrator who has the option of deleting the record, update the record or change the password. In the below given snippet rs is the disconnected ResultSet which is passed from the servlet. ****************************************************************** <% while ( { name = ((rs.getString(2)==null)?" ":rs.getString(2))+ " "+ ((rs.getString(3)==null)?" ":rs.getString(3))+ " "+ ((rs.getString(4)==null)?" ":rs.getString(4)); phNo = ...

7. Returning to previous page

8. previous page

14. we are not getting from previous page to next page and did not display the data using JSPS

Hi all, we have developed one portal in which we need to view the data from one page to another page but we are getting error like java.lang.NullPointerException we are using below code if ( test1 == 'first') { document.reportForm.mode.value='First'; } if ( test1 == 'previous') { document.reportForm.mode.value='Previous'; } if ( test1 == 'next'){ document.reportForm.mode.value='Next';} if ( test1 == 'last') { ...