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1. Why window.print is printing all pages in IE but only one page in firefox?

I am having a JSP page, where i am dynamically creating a Table data. ( My page is having only table, and nothing else ). Number of rows in table can go ...

2. Servlet -print invalid password in the same page

I have tried a program where if username matches password, welcome message should be displayed in someother page. If it doesn,t match error should be in the same page. I have ...

3. Prescription writing from an HTML page using jsp

I am building a doctor's application where in he can build an online prescription. He will be provided with some textboxes and some select lists and when he finally clicks on print, ...

4. Java. Getting IOException after trying to print on JSP page using simple scheduler(Timer, TimerTask). Need help

i'm trying to make simple scheduler using Timer and TimerTask classses see the code below, inside of the task i just want to print "Hello, World!" on the page, but it ...

5. Sending page to printer from jsp file

I know of a way to print to a network printer, but only if the website is run within a local intranet. If this is the case, let me know and I will explain. Otherwise you'll probably need to write some type of print renderer using the java.awt.print api. Not too sure. Hope this helps, JEB

6. Print out of JSP page (Urgent)

7. printing PageFooter on each page

How to print the custom pagefooter on every page we print. I am able to print the pagefooter on every page using TFOOT(Making the whole html page as Table). But on the last page if there is not enough text to fill the page the footer is printed as soon as the prev text ends. How can we print the footer ...

8. Unable print on JSP page

9. Specialized printing from a JSP page

Hi everybody. I have a JSP page with some controls and a Print button. What I want it to do is when I click the Print button, the print dialog box would show. I would choose what printer to to send this job to. But when I press the button to start the printing, I don't want to print the "screenshot" ...

10. Print Jsp page(s)

12. How print selelcted portion of jsp page

13. How print selelcted portion of jsp page

16. Print web page to a CD

Mike, The short answer is no. Now let's go into why. A JSP is only executable Java code on the server. There is no Java run on the client. You could write an applet on the client which would run Java - but not be able to access the file system. The JSP can call JavaScript which can't save the page. ...

17. Printing in JSP Page via Javascript

19. printing values in different JSP pages

I have got a JSP page connected to the database. My data part is mainly questions on which the students will be giving tests. The questions are Multiple choice questions and each has got four options of which any one can be selected. I want that the view this question 10 at a time. I mean first 10 questions are shown ...

20. Printing a JSP page

21. printing dynamic jsp pages

22. Page Print in Servlet

23. Printing part of JSP page

24. Printing values in JSP page one by one

25. Servlet is not printing table on page

26. print from jsp page..

27. Print jsp page?

28. how to print a page in jsp?

hello to every one... i made a report and when i click on print's link which is on my report page of jsp,a new popup window opens which show the report plus i want that when ever popup wndow open ,file->print... option should also be can i do this? thanxs in advance...

29. how to print value in jsp page from javascript page

You appear to be suffering from an all-too-common misconception about JSPs. JSPs are for generating HTML (which might include javascript elements). The JSP doesn't interact with the browser. By the time any of the javascript is running the JSP has long terminated. For the javascript to transfer values back to the server it must generate a new transaction. Typically it submits ...

30. how to print new line in jsp page