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1. how can we cal two servlets from the same html page?

I need to design a page to register as well as login a user.By clicking login button login servlet should be called.And on clicking register button,register servlet will be can ...

2. I want on select value in one combo the other will fill on same page

I Have two combo box And I want on select value in one combo the other will fill on same page and the value come from database in both combos. any idea Thanks

3. Other JSP pages are opening in same jsp page

I am using JSP for different login user to open their own individual content.I used session and invalidated at the logout.jsp. So it is not opening the jsp pages after logout ...

4. getting values from servlet to same html page

I have created 3 textboxes in HTML page and I gave 2 values for first two text boxes and send to a servlet and I want get result back in third ...

5. Displaying jsp page on same location using javascript

How to display jsp page on same location using javascript.I tried below ways,but no luck:


6. How to use a jsp page data in the same page

I have a JSP page like this:

            <meta ...

7. Hyperlinks to the same page

Please do not cross post your questions to multiple forums. Most of the visitors here read in many of the forums and it is frustrating to see the same question repeated over and over. You have a better chance of getting a correct and timely answer if you post it to the most appropriate forum instead of using the shotgun approach ...

11. changing elements in same Jsp page

I have a requirement where I need to display text field ,submit ,reset button and also "Show list" btn If the user enters deptno in text field and presses submit ..action is What I need is when I click "show list" I want to open the same page but the text field must not be there instead a list box ...

12. Submit to Same Page

Hi Ranchers, Well....plz clarify me this issue. I have a form, where i have certain fields and select their values. On submission, my requirement is to submit to the same form and display the selected values of the fields in a table. This shud happen iteratively, as the user wishes to select the values. I intend of using avector to achieve ...

13. problem when visiting same page again

Hi, Ia displaying one jsp which is accessing some parametres (was setting in request attribute) like HashMap.Assume this page is having 10 check boxes, user clicks on 5 check boxes and will click on submit. Now after clicking on submit button in this page, the control will move to some action class to process some operation but user should be viewing ...

14. dispalying content in same page

18. Showing result in same jsp page

19. JSP pages containing same data

I'm developing a site without frames and the site will be reloaded every time a user clicks a link. The layout is partly the same on all pages it's just information in certain grids that changes. ie. Top is the same, only the selected tab will be highlighted Menu same, except cart items and link will be highlighted Bottom same. Is ...

20. Input and display on the same JSP page

21. Put the result in the same page

Hi, i have a jsp page very simple, that have a form with a text field and a submit button, above are the code :

query cliente

N Conta
As you can see i have a action named "dasaldo" that is the ...

22. Get textbox value in the Same JSP Page

23. how to fetch values of elements on same page

guys i am trying to make a date system in which when user selects year from a drop down list then according to the year selected the month drop down list is activated then if the month selected is a 31 days month then the disabled days drop down is activated with 31 days or for February with 28 days or ...

24. How can i execute some code in a jsp page on the same page ? plz read.

I have made a single JSP Page where in i want to delete users, create users, update table data. I have all the UI on the first page. Now i want to write my all JDBC coding on just this single page. I don't want to create 3 separate pages. Can it be done ?

25. Restoring of HREF on same servlet page