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1. default scope of JSP page

2. scope of @page errorpage=" "

3. JSP scope page

4. use of page scope

5. why we need page scope

Hello All , if i declare a bean in a jsp then by default it will be visible to that page,then setting scope as page;what addition functionalties will adds to it.i just mean to ask what addtional functionalties are there in page scope that are not with default( means no scope). Thanks, Vijay Saraf.

6. page scope vs servlets

Most containers keep the generated servlet source code around for you to view. In Tomcat, this is kept under the tomcat/work/Catalina/localhost directory. This would be a good learning exercise for you. Make a JSP and bind some objects to the scope in question, then run it and go look at the generated servlet code. Let us know what you find.

7. JSP Page Scope

8. Regarding Page Scope