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This was my line in demo.jsp demo Hello there!!! The time is <%= new java.util.Date()%> which when i opened in firefox doesn't show the time. instead displays the same line: "The ...

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Hi All, I am using two jsp.. one is pop up .jsp for displaying pop up dialog box and another one is home.jsp for displaying home page..The pop up will come in home page. i have given time to display in header menu of the page. Given time script is in master layout.jsp. the purpose of using master layout jsp,we can ...

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hi, i am accessing a jsp page from weblogic 6.1, this page processes a lot of records, after 10 minutes of process, the jsp page on the browser times out and displays the Page Not Found error on the browser.. can anyone discuss the problem and give me an solution. thanx in advance saiprasad.

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