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<% } //rs.close(); %>

1. JSP pagination without retrieving the whole result set?

I need to display the log entries from a database. Of course the log data is huge, so I have to show the results on several pages, and that **without** getting **all** ...

2. Easy pagination in Java EE with jsp

I'm looking open source pagination component, where I could just give list of items to method that would make pagination to my jsp page. I would get items from database by ...

3. Need help in pagination in jsp

I have following ajax code:

function handleServerResponse() {
        if (xmlhttp.readyState == 4) {

4. How to Paginate an entire set of results in JSP

The problem I am facing is I am unable to paginate all the results that I have. To give a clear explanation I will try to give an example. Supposedly a ...

5. JavaBean Servlet Jsp Pagination

I am trying to display data into multiple pages. I am not sure what I am doing wrong over here. Can someone let me know what I am doing wrong over ...

6. Big Paging Problem

My result page needs to be paged. But I have some problems. I get results from a web service (not mine), about 1 000 000 objects. But in 1 000 000 objects, ...

7. JSP pagination not working properly

int totalRecords = 57;  
totalPages= (totalRecords / 5) +1;  
end=(currentPage * 5);  
start=(end-5) +1;     

int noOfPagesPerPage = 5;//pages ...

8. Urgent. Pagination in word

Hi, I have a word document which I'm opening in the browser. I need to insert the page #'s in this word document. When I try to give the page #'s in footer and generate the HTML and open the document in browser, I don't see the page #'s. Moreover, the document is not getting opened with the page break in ...

9. Paginate in JSP

Hi, I have a JSP which has to display 600000 records in it. Since it is too large for JSP to display that many records i want to paginate it so that it can display a feasible number of records in each page. My questions are 1. What is the maximum nuber of records that i can display in each JSP ...

10. paging in JSP

Originally posted by vikhyath kodipelli: I have queries which return hundreds of records, i need to display 10 records at a time.with the option of choosing the page, something like 1|2|3|4|5 at the bottom.How can i do this in JSPs?.What are all the possible ways of doing it. Please help,Thanks. Using JSTL's iteration tag, which has attributes like 'begin' and ...

11. How to paging?NumberFormatException: For input string: "pageStr"

Hi friends: I want to paging my guestbook.But the code can't do it and I don't know why.I want to display my guestbook's content in several pages. The code is: //////////////////main.jsp///////////////////// while({ title="+"'title'"; %>

<%String id=rs.getString("id");%> <%out.println(rs.getString("name"));%> <%out.println(rs.getString("title"));%> <%out.println(rs.getString("time"));%>
<% int pageSize=9; int ...

12. Why it can't paging?!

13. Pagination

15. Paging results

Hi I am receiving a collection of objects which i want to show ten items per page. I am displaying pages "1 2 3 .. " depending upon the number of pages i need. Since i have obtained the whole collection ( i know my volume doesnt exceed more than 100 objs for the app so i am getting all of ...

16. pagination in jsp

17. paging data!!!

18. how to use IBatis to paging in jsp?

Thank you But I think the method "executeQueryforPaginatedList" will be better.Because it has associated method "nextPage(), previousPage(), gotoPage(),isMiddlePage(), isLastPage(), isNextPageAvailable(),". What I want to know is how to display the page number according to the resultset.For example,If I want to display this in jsp: "<>>" How to display the number "1,2,3,4"? I means that if I ...

19. implementing pagination

hi debashish.. thanks for ur reply.. bt i have gone thru the taglibrarry. and iam unable to understand how to implement it in my tomcat page.. please if u can give me some detailed idea abt it.... iam using sql as my database.. and trying to retrieve records through vector...and using tomcat 3 as my server for jsp pages [ February ...

20. Pagination

21. jsptags paging question

Hi, i am new to jsptags and i am wondering how to use the paging tags. I look at the examples and looks like the displaying search results only provide 1 parameter as below. <%= searchResult %> How about if I have to display multiple parameters such as example name, age,address and so on? How can I ...

22. paging concept

23. JSP Pagination

Are you picking up these values from the database and then trying to show them ? Or are you hard coding the values in the pages ? Using DB, one easy way of doing it wud be to to show the 10/20/50 values on each page and do a next which grabs the next 50 values. You can write a simple ...

24. Paging

25. Paging in JSP

26. paging help

27. best pagination practise to follow

28. Pagination in jsp

29. how to use paging with jsp

30. Paging

31. How to implement Pagination

am doing the same thing in which i am calling the database to send me the next 20 records by sending some parameters (like timestamp, serial no and a flag that says what button has been pressed) in the last record for the "Next" button and some parameters in the first record for the "Previous" button. These parameters form a part ...

32. Pagination in J2EE application

33. JSP Paging

34. regarding pagination

35. Pagination... problem

36. implement paging in jsp

37. pagination problem

Thank you for your reply. But I need all the data in presentaion layer. Only reason I am using pagination is because I can't display all for Ex: 10000 rows on single page and I don't want to go to servlet every time to get next set of data. Naseem, I am not familiar with this ORM tool for pagination in ...

38. pagination in jsp

Brief Summary of Pagination: Most of the J2EE applications have search, sorting and records per page functionality. Sun also provides a design pattern called Value List Handler to address this issue. However, this pattern does provide a robust solution in case of very large records which is explained below The search query is executed only once on the database and all ...

39. Need Pagination In JSP

40. pagination in JSP

42. About Pagination in JSP

i have nearly 1000 records, and i paginate with my own code in that i retriew all the records(1000) from database and stored in a session. And finally show page wise with 10 records per page. But i found another way, instead of getting whole records from the database retriew particular data for the page and when click next page it ...

43. Pagination in JSP

44. good response time in pagination

45. Pagination

46. Pagination advice

Hi guys, I am trying to do a pagination for data that is retrived from Oracle tables. The data that is retrieved is huge. i was thinking if i can read all the data and dump it to a file. then display the results from file lets say 10 records at a time . Is this a write approach? Is there ...

47. Please help with pagination in JSP?

48. Pagination using jsp

49. paging

Hello Friends I m jetendra. I got struck in a problem. I have a table from where I m getting some records. Displaying 5 records per page in table format when I click on next the other 5 records will be displayed. I m using paging technique in this. Now my aim is to store that results into another table by ...

50. how to achieve pagination on jsp

51. List pagination

52. how the pagination is done in java

53. Jsp Paging

54. Paging problem in jsp

I am doing mail part, In my inbox previous and next link are there,I have lot of massages in my inbox. i have combo box in another jsp page.In combo box contains 10,20,50,ect. while i select 10 in the combo box,the inbox should display 10 massages perpage.give any idea for me . Thanks in advance

55. pagination in jsp

56. Pagination in JSP

57. list required for pagination?

58. how jsp pagination can be done

59. paging

60. pagination in jsp

61. problem in showing the pagination links

Hi, My pagination works fine when the "" href link is hard coded. Now I have to show 1 2 3 4 Next and on click of Next it should be Prev 5 6 7 8 Next. So far I am tring to keep the track of wheather I have to Display Next or Not and if yes then what ...

62. Good practices in Pagination

63. pagination

64. How do i do paging in JSP ?????

66. paging in servlets

67. Half way to end the pagination

Hi friends, I am in need to use pagination in my page, since i have a tons of values to display as a report. I develop a pagination logic, tested it seperately and it works fine.When i try to implement it to current project it works, but when i click the page link,the page get refreshed and nothing happens... : Code ...

68. quick paging calculation question

I am using the below to calculate my page links, using LIMIT in the DB portion. The total count is 127. This should generate 7 pages but it is only generatong 6 because the division is calculation 6.35. How would i push it to generate the 7th page? ...

70. pagination coding

71. JSP Pagination in Tabs

Hello, I am implementing a logic wherein I have a couple of tabs in a JSP and each tab has its own data to be displayed. (Tabs implemented using css, javascript and jsp) As the data is large, I have to display it using Pagination. I have implemented the same, but now the problem is, -->The pagination works fine for the ...

72. Paging in jsp

Hi, Everyone Im facing problem in paging using jsp & oracle ,in this code only 1 to 10 values displying,when im clicking on next its displying nothing.Means not taking next values. Code-: <%@ page language="java" import="java.sql.*;"%>

<% int offset=0; int ofset = 0; if(request.getParameter("offset")!=null) { offset= Integer.parseInt(request.getParameter("offset").toString()); } int total_count = 0; int total_page = 0; ...

73. I want pagination code in jsp

74. Pagination using jsp and Sybase

I am currently working on pagination using jsp and sybase. Sybase uses set rowcount to n number of records . For instance, select * from Table_Name set rowcount 10 will return first 10 records from table. My question is how to get the next set of records for the next page.. Any thoughts, pointers? Thanks in Advance

75. Pagination

76. Pagination issue

I have applied pagination to JSP. It is displaying Start of document(line 45 in code) and End of document(line 119 in code) on each and every page as we hit the next button at bottom. I just want them to be displayed on First and last page of my jsp <%@ page session="true"%> <%@ taglib uri="" prefix="pg"%> <%@page import="java.util.LinkedHashMap"%> <%@page ...

77. Jumpings in Pagination

78. Pagination Problem

79. JSP table pagination is not working

Hello All, I am having a jsp which is listing more than 30records. I would like to have a page pagination to the table, But it is showing the correct results. Can you pleaSE HELP

<%! int numPages = 0; %> <% String columnName = ""; int count = 0; int ...

80. Pagination logic in jsp

81. Pagination using jsp

82. Pagination in jsp

83. Best choice for pagination?

84. Need help in Data Paging/Pagination !

Hi Lalit Jugran, Thanks for the prompt reply. However, i am totally new to JSTL and Beans. You suggested me to create the paginator, but is it a tag or what? I need guidance on this man. If you can tell me how to create the paginator and then how to use it in the jsp, it would be beneficial. If ...

85. Pagination in jsp

86. Pagination in JSP

87. Paging in jsp

88. Pagination in jsp

I need to do pagination in jsp by getting the resultset with large rows , The result set may contain 70,000 rows . But i have to display it 100 rows per page . How can i fetch 100 rows per request and while fetching the result for second request the result i should get from 200 to 300

89. Paging concept in jsp

90. Paging in JSP

Hello All, I am facing a problem in designing a JSP. I am using mutiple queries from multiple tables to get the result set. The result set contains huge data. i am displaying them in a single page. I want to display in mutiple pages. Could any please help in solving this problem. One important point is that i am not ...

91. JSP Paging with file readin operation !!!

i'm able to put the jsp paging when i's doing the projects with database, that was easy. But here now i'm using the file operation. Here, i've to read the files which consists of 100000 datas and show it on the jsp page with the paging. I've tried with line reader in but it's fetched good. Could anyone tell any other ...

92. JSP Paging with files operation !!!

I'm displaying the files' contents in the jsp . I's able to do the jsp paging when it's connected to the database but when i'm displaying the files from the hard drive i'm not able to put the jsp paging logic in that. Could any anyone tell me hint or the logic behind this. So i want to display the files ...

93. example for Pagination using jsp

94. Pagination in jsp

95. Help on JSP Paging

97. Pagination in jsp

98. Paging in jsp servlet..

Hi ppl, i hav 1000's of record in my DB(sybase) wen the jsp page loads it shoud show the first 10 records followed by the page numbers like 1,2,3..... wen i click 2 it should return nxt 10 records frm DB... like till the last record... hw can i implement paging in this. iam doing this in jsp n servlet. no ...

99. Paging concept in java by using jsp

100. Enable paging in tabular data in JSP/Servlet

i have a JSP page which will show the list of records from the database. and i can do a buld delete of these records. what i have done is this jsp page calls a servlet once i check some values and press the delete button. this servlet will delete the selected rows and sow the values deleted. now when i ...