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1. Java SessionID: How to get the Name of the GET SessionID Parameter?

it seems that the Parameter-Name in the GET request, that represents the SessionID (like jsessionid=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX in Tomcat) is not standardized in the servlet-spec? How can I get the (Servelt Container Specific) ...

2. Avoiding duplication in parameter name

Inside a POST in a .jsp file, I'd like to do something like this:

<input type="text" name="...">
And inside the servlet I'd like to do:
Now where should and how should I declare "..." ...

3. get Parameter by name

4. servlet initializatoin parameter to get relative path and file name

I created the directory /WEB-INF/ at the root and copied the file there and it worked. Not sure why that changed since I think the change was to use a variable for the file name rathe than it being hard coded but at least it works. I'm not sure how to show the code how the file is being accessed in ...