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<% } } catch (XMLDBException e) { response.getWriter().println("adminstart.jsp Exception occured " + e.errorCode); } finally { if (col != null) ...

1. Need to call servlet from javascript along with parameters

I have session key that is a javascript variable which i get from a Rest api call. I need to call a servlet and pass that key as a parameter. What ...

2. How to initialize JEE 5 JAX-WS 2.0 Web Service with Parameters

Application configuration:

  • Web application using java first method of creating JAX-WS 2.0 Web Services with annotations.
  • WebLogic 10.3
My Requirements The requirements I have are to deploy a single web service implementation class, but change ...

3. Related Parameters in HTML

I have a table of rows and columns on an HTML-based entry form that allows the user to edit multiple records. Each row corresponds to a database record and each column ...

4. Java web application global parameters from web.xml in jsp

How do I retreive a parameter/variable htmlRootPath from the web.xml and inject it into my header jsp template (see below)? Currently I use an initialize.jsp include file and it works, but would ...

5. Java web application web.xml parameter into POJO

I have an email utility class that is shared by all my intranet web apps which emails an employee their forgotten password (well the class is copied into each webapp). ...

6. JSP getting parameters from servlet

I'm working on a Java web application and i want my JSP files to comunicate with my Servlets which comunicate with the database. What is the best way to pass ...

7. Servlet mapping for ajax call parameters

I have ajax calls that have the url http://localhost:80/Push/GetContacts?id=23 and the following servlet mapping:

The servlet does not ...

8. Jsp parameters scop

What is the difference between request.sendRedirect() and requestDispatcher.forward() in terms of request parameters?

9. Parameters cannot be resolved in servlets

I am tryin to get the credentials from jsp page-index.jsp In my servlet-LoginServletwhen under package dao i use

String userName = request.getParameter(usrnm_gtalk);
String password = request.getParameter(password_gtalk);
it says usrnm_gtalk and password_gtalk cannot be resolved. in my ...

10. ExtJS reloading store on button click event with different parameter

I am new to ExtJs and I am using ExtJs4... Now As shown in below image, There is one textfield named keywords, What I want to do is When I click on ...

11. Specifya target parameter for a servlet application

I just starting learning about servlets yersterday so I'm a newbie. I read a tutorial and made the following program to track the use of a link:

package red;

import javax.servlet.ServletException;
import javax.servlet.annotation.WebServlet;
import ...

12. jsp globals and parameters scope

i am really new to java, and jsp. so it is understandable that i cant really understand the scope of parameters here is my code:

<%@page contentType="text/html" pageEncoding="UTF-8" %>

13. How to recivie the parameter passes from JSP inside the Skelton class of ApacheAxis2

I want to recive the Parameter from the JSP to the Skelton class of ApacheAxis2 . Please see my program below :

package samples.quickstart;

public class StockQuoteServiceSkeleton implements

14. How to get list of servlet parameters in a web server?

I'm working on a project of web data mining to extract information directly from HTML by crawling server pages. My effort is concentrated only in an specific website which has a ...

15. Hidding parameters

16. Parameters

Hi!! I'm new in JSP's so I need a lot of advice.. I'm trying to validate a user from a JSP, asking for an id_user, and a password. For validation I had accessed the database thru a class called : CL_Conection that I imported.. but my problems become after I validate the user: [*]when I try to open a new navigator ...

17. Using parameters for if statement inside a jsp

I have an if statement in my jsp page that shows one piece of html if true and another if it's false. This works. I need to have a parameter value, on a href link that is on this same page, so that if that link is clicked, the if statement will be true, and the page will be redisplayed with ...

18. jsp parameters. Urgent!

Please,... Could you tell me all the ways I could send (safe) parameters from a jsp to a jsp file? Please discard the url parameters... I have a jsp (Valida.jsp) which opens a new navigator window (javascript), and that new navigator window contents another jsp (Portal.jsp). I need to send some parameters from Valida.jsp to Portal.jsp. In fact the second Jsp ...

19. Unable to use forward option with parameters

Hi all, I am having a problem in forwarding the request to a new jsp source, when i am using the option with parameters. here is the source code of the page which i am passing to a new jsp source with parameter. <%@ page language="java" buffer="8kb" %> <%! int i = 1; String err_msg; %> <% err_msg = "A ...

20. handling html parameters in a jsp

Hi to all! I have the following code in a jsp page: <% for (int i = 0; i < collectionArray.length; i++) { %>

<%= collectionArray[i] %>

21. Toofew parameters Expected when handling Insert statement

I am trying to insert around 25 values in to my MS Access DB with an Insert statement through many iterations. The values get inserted for some iteration and it doesn't insert for few. It gives an error message -'too few parameters expected'. I am not able to trace the flaw in my code.Can any of you guess the reason for ...

22. href parameter and jsp

Hello Federico, if you want to do it like that, that's entirely possible. But if you want to know if there are better ways, than it depends on what you find better. You could use a servlet instead of a jsp, but this depends on a lot of things. The this I would change if I where you was to change ...

23. hiding parameters in addressbar

24. Parameter getting truncated.

25. JSP parameters

26. how to get parameter in double byte

27. Using the JSP parameters to fill detail in a word document

There are a number of ways you could try this: - to manipulate the Word doc. directly you'd need a Java-COM bridge (such as JIntegra). However, all these bridging api's cost quite a bit of money (though JIntegra is quite good). - alternatively, you could try to access Word with JNI - which is a big job. - or write the ...

29. cannot get the parameter?

31. Error displaying parameter

32. Taking in boolean parameters

Alright I'll give that a shot, I really appreciate your help. As a little side question/comment... is that the only way to go about retrieving a boolean value from a form prior to JDK 1.5? That seems like a lot of overhead for what seems to me like a simple operation! Thanks again!! Jason

33. Runtime parameter?

Originally posted by Ben Souther: I'm not sure I'm following you. That's my fault. Here is the scenario, and again, this may be more of a JSF question. In JSF, you have backing beans for your pages (which is normally a JSP). When you use JSF components, you have access to them to set their values. For example, a 2D image ...

34. maximum parameter size

35. Parameter Limit?

36. why parameter cause problem ?

37. Keeping parameters

38. receive parameter for jsp

39. how to transit the parameter ?

42. Valid JSP Parameters

43. retry parameter being set how?

I came across this code I ran. cant understand where retry parameter is being set. can someone explain: Please log in...

Please log in...

<% if (request.getParameter("retry") != null) { %>

Invalid username/password combination.

<% } %> <% String username = request.getParameter("username"); if (username == null) username = ""; %>

44. How to get parameters from servlet into jsp

45. web.xml parameters?

46. Parameter Issue

47. Setting parameters with jsp:setProperty

Hi I'm using a jsp page with some inputfields. These fields map to fields in a java-bean. What I want to do is have the user enter text in some inputfields, map it to my javabean, and then do a post to a servlet. In the servlet I want to get my bean from the session, and print out its fields ...

48. parameter to servlet

49. java.util.Date as parameter in servlet

51. grabbing a parameter in jsp

52. Servlet parameter sequence?

Hi, I've got a problem for which i need a solution very badly. I have a html page with several fields. Let them be fld1, fld 2, fld3.. etc. This is the order in which they appear in the page from top to bottom. In real scenario, they will be fields like name, city, address... etc. Please note that i have ...

53. JSP parameters

54. Servlet "freezes" up without parameters

I would like to thank everyone who participates in this forum. This has been an extremely valuable resource for me and many others. I look forward to one day contributing suggestions and comments as I become more knowledgeable. Here's my recent challenge: I have a servlet (AddAdminServlet) who's context path is "/addtool". This servlet is the heart of my application. ALL ...

56. Jsp to Servlet parameters

57. Setting Parameters in a Servlet

If I understand your question correctly - You set parameters in the request by following the HTML /CGI form conventions. Your HTTP request needs to look like it came from a form. The servlet engine automatically extracts them and puts them in the request object. If you mean setting parameters in a request object that is forwarded to another servlet, you ...

59. accessing ServletContext parameters

60. Javascript Parameters --> Servlet

Hey all I could need a little help with my stuff thats going on here. I cant figure out, why i cant send 2 parameters from my javascript to one servlet and on the other hand its working for another servlet everything from ONE and the SAME is the jsp: