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1. How can I retrieve application parameters without passing ServletContext object around?

I have defined several application parameters for my webapp in the web.xml file, as follows:

If I have a ServletContext Object object available, ...

2. HOW to Pass parameters to tomcat in ubuntu?

I am trying to configure cruisecontrol to use Tomcat rather than Jetty as its servlet engine. I am following a tutorial on this and I'm stuck at the point where it ...

3. pass parameter from javascript to another jsp

I want to pass parameter from a Javascript function to another JSP page. Currently I am doing like this:

function viewapplet(strPerfMonPoint) {
    var dateSelected = document.forms[0].hdnDateSelected.value;

4. Passing JSP parameter to javascript won't work in IE8!

I've got a Servlet that generates a XML string (relatively long) which I then pass to a Javascript variable in the forwarded JSP file:

$(document).ready(function() {

5. Pass a parameter has its onload

<body onload(...)> ...
and I want to send a parameter from my action

6. How can I pass init parameters to HttpSessionListener?

When configuring filters, I can pass some values to a filter as initial parameters in web.xml and obtain those values in Filter via FilterConfig. How can I configure some initial parameters in ...

7. Suggestions for implementing method invocations based on the parameter passed to servlet

I would like to get some suggestions on implementing a solution that invokes ejb methods based on the parameters I pass to a servlet. I have a web project and an ejb ...

8. Why is my code failing to pass parameters from JavaScript to JSP using XMLHttpRequest?

I am trying to write JavaScript code which, on a mouse click event, sends some parameter (id) to the server-side JSP code. The JSP code then returns a string to the ...

9. Struts 2 List Parameter Passing

How do I pass a list of integers using the s:a href and param tags in Struts 2? Example POJO:

private List<Integer> myList = new ArrayList<Integer>();

public List<Integer> getMyList() {
    return ...

10. How to pass json object as a parameter to another method

I'm using two jsp one for searching the records and another for updating the records of the database. Search query will return a json object where it contain all the searched ...

11. Pass parameter to Struts2 Action to display view interchangeably

this is what I want to achieve I have three view i.e JSPs.Event.jsp,EventCancel.jsp and EventAdd.jsp. I want only One action to display each of these jsps. So example if the Action name ...

12. passing parameter from javascript to servlet

I am retrieving all the contacts of a user from gmail and yahoo, I have added the checkbox, the user needs to select the desired email id to which he need ...

13. passing parameter to server in ExtJs

I am new in ExtJs. I want to pass the value in my textbox to the server(Servlet) when I click on to the button. But as I am new to it I ...

14. Struts 2 passing parameters to jsp from struts.xml INVISIBLY

In my struts.xml file I'm redirecting to a particular jsp from an action. Actualy this is what happens there.

       <action name="redirectingToAction" class="sm.Login">

15. Passing script variables as parameters

I've a javascript variable which i need to pass as a parameter to the included file. Ex: var var1 = "test"; Now i need to pass this 'var1' to an include file like this <%@include ...

17. Passing parameters from struts.xml to jsp securely/encripted..Struts2

Hi I'm using struts2 and i have an action tag which redirects to a jsp page with the parameter it receives. ...

18. Passing parameters from struts.xml to jsp securely/encripted..Struts2

> with the parameter it receives. > > > > stores.jsp?page${somepage} > true > true > > > > Problem is the ${somepage} value is appear in the address bar of the > browser. I want this value to be encrypted or hidden like in html post > method. I googled this but couldn't ...

20. Passing Parameters To JSP

21. passing a hidden input as parameter

I have two jsp's, 2 is called on clicking submit in 1. Now I am passing a int as hidden input in jsp#1 and I want it in jsp#2 when the submit in jsp#1 is clicked. I have done all those connection, resultset etc. which is working fine with others. This is how i have done :- this is in jsp#1 ...

22. pass parameters-Basic

23. passing javascript parameter

As Dave pointed out, the approach you are taking isn't the way that Servlets and JSP work. All the Java in your JSP file is evaluated prior to sending the page out to the browser in order to create the HTML document that will be sent. The only way to "call back" to Java on the server is by submitting a ...

24. problem while passing file name as parameter

hi, i m using tomcat and running jsp pages through it. In jsp i m using tag and creating instance of a class. In this class i hard coded a file name let suppose it be "Order.xml". The final output should be, reading from the file "Order.xml" and displaying the content of the file on the web page. Everything is ...

25. How to pass parameter to java program??

26. passing parameters in jsp

Varun I assume you are talking about passing parameters from one jsp to another, correct? Yes, you can it with values on a form (either hidden or visible) and with a bean (assuming it is scoped as anything other than page). Also, dont forget about the Session and application objects too!! They can be real handy for passing info that you ...

27. passing parameters from JSP to a Servlet

Hi all... I have these dynamic string that are generated from a while loop String values = ""; Vector v1 = new Vector(); while( { values = some.getString("values"); v1.addElement(values); } session.setAttribute("v1",v1.toString()); Now V1 has the values [1,23,45,34,56,78] now the group of values that are there in the vector i want to send it to a servlet.... how would i do that....The ...

28. Passing Parameters into custom tags

29. Parameter passing problem

Hi, My problem is that I want to pass a parameter from a.jsp to b.jsp. I want to store my variable in e hidden input, and when I submit a link, the a.jsp will send the parameter to b.jsp. a.jsp ==============================================

<%= v_naam.get(i) %>
<%= v_gebDatum.get(i) %>
<%= v_afkomst.get(i) %>

30. Parameter not passed

31. Passing JSP parameters to Java Method

Thanks ben, I want to sort a table depending upon the column header values.So I display a table,and the user clicks on anyone header,I want to pass the column header parameter to my java file,so that I can sort the appropriate column.The only problem I am facing is I am not able to pass the parameter from JSP to my java ...

33. Question about passing parameters from a custom tag to a JSP

Folks, I have a custom tag that displays values based on a certain conditions in an object. One of the condition is that if a date is set to a date in the past then the value should be a link to a page that says this page has expired. At the sametime, this page also has a link that allows ...

34. passing parameters

sitiram, you will only get out of these forums as much as you put into it yourself. Posting incomplete requests for vague information is not going to get you very far. If you have a question, please take the the time necessary to clearly indicate what you are asking. Otherwise, why should anyone use their time to answer you? The brief ...

35. Passing Parameters

36. problem in passing parameters

39. newbie question on passing parameters

I'm tempted to post this on the beginner's forum, but because it is specifically regarding JSP and JSTL, I'll put it here, with apologies that it's a much more simple question than you might want to see here. I'm new-ish to jsp. I'm using the newest versions of Tomcat and JSTL. I am trying to do something relatively simple: Have a ...

40. passing arabic parameters

hello I'm developping a web application through Jdeveloper 9i.028. I'm trying to pass parameters from page to page using get method through a javascript. The values of these parameters are in arabic language. Once i try to read these values on the second page using the request.getParameter method i receive a garbage values. Please Note that i try to display the ...

41. how to pass parameters between servlet

42. Passing Parameters through JSP

43. passing parameter from servlet to jsp

I write a programm that pass parameter from jsp to servlet and than according to the parameter the servlet get pass back a parameter to the servlet. I think that the first stage work but the second stage does not work. I attach my code hopefully somebody will tell me what wrong with my code.explain to my programm in the first ...

44. passing parameters from servlet to jsp

45. Parameter passing between servlets

46. passing parameters to servlets

47. Reading parameters in Servlet passed from Client

Hi; I have a question regarding passage of parameters from the command prompt to my servlet which reads in HTTP parameters.I am reading in the parameters from a client program and then calling the servlet(from the command prompt using URL class).The servlet inturn takes in the paramaters,does the database work and gives out the result in the console.The servlet works pretty ...

48. passing parameters from jsp to servlets????

i have this program, a jsp passing parameters in servlets. i deploy it in tomcat by creating a war file. i also edited the deployment descriptor. but as i run the program,(the jsp program first and by clicking the submit button, an error message occurred "the page cannot be displayed"). The jsp page and the servlets are all in one folder. ...

49. passing initial parameters to jsp

50. Parameter passing ( newbie JSP'er)

51. Passing # to Servlet as part of a parameter.

Hi Friends, We are faced with a problem. We have a servlet which takes several parameters from the UI. Sometimes, the value of a parameter needs to contain special characters like # and &. To my knowledge, # and & have different meanings in URL. Is it possible to send # and & as part of parameter values to Servlet? Is ...

52. passing parameter from jsp to servlet

56. pass parameters into servlet

57. Pass parameters to the servlet

58. Passing parameters from jsp to servlet

I think I got it. String pid = request.getParameter("partID"); // Connection Vector langList = new Vector(); admin.getLanguage(langList); String langString = " "; for (int i = 0; i < langList.size(); i++) { String lString = langList.get(i).toString(); langString = langString + lString.trim() ; } StringBuffer options = new StringBuffer(); ResultSet rs = statement.executeQuery("Select partid, language from partDB.profile_lang " ...

59. Passing parameters from Servlet to JSP

60. Passing parameters between 2 servlets

62. Passing parameters between servlets

Hi guys, I got a situation here. I have a chain of servlets each doing a part in a registration process. servlet1 - request user to input a username and password servlet2 - request user to input details and resume servlet3 - create user in the datastore and acknowledge the user At first I pass the parameter in the URL between ...

63. passing far east DBCS as a servlet parameter

We have 2 servlets that talk to one another. The first servlet needs to pass a string over to the 2nd as a parameter in a GET request. This string may contain far east Double byte characters (Korean, Japanese, S. Chinese) We first encode the data using UTF-8. I tested that I could encode and decode this before sending and got ...

64. passing parameter to a servlet

65. passing parameters from jsp to servlet

67. passing 2 parameters to servlet

68. passing parameters from jsp to servlet

69. passing parameter from jsp to servlet

no i am setting like this request.setAttribute("result",recordList); recordList is my ArrayList.but this recordList i am not able to get in the servlet by using request.getAttribute("result");null value i am getting. what should i do to pass this varibale from jsp to servlet b'coz from servlet to jsp it is possible but vice varsa is not happening punpun

70. Cannot pass parameter to Servlet?

71. Passing parameters from tag to servlet

72. Pass parameters to servlet

73. passing parameter from js to servlet

75. Passing parameters to the servlet

76. passing parameter from servlet to jsp

77. passing parameter to a servlet

78. passing parameters

my display page looks like this item name item price quantity xxxxxxx 19.00 user has to enter qty yyyyyyy 20.00 user has to enter qty like i have n no of rows this is the first page I have to send itemname,itemprice to next page database values and quantity is user value. For example if user enter qty for 10 items ...

80. jsp parameters pass more than one value to the handler

Hi, I have a jsp page that has three buttons that the user can click. The value is then passed to a javascript function where it sends it to a Request Handler. When I click on one, it still passes all three to the handler. Can someone look at my code and tell me what the problem is? part of the ...

81. passing script parameters in custom tag

Hi , I have created a custom tag for translation. This tag takes 4 arguments . I have to use this tag inside my jsp. But i have to pass my java script variables as parameters. My JSP code is as below: