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1. Transfering multiple parameters in the applet-servlet communication

I am implementing an applet ---servlet communication. There are two parameters that need to be sent by applet to the servlet. I am not sure can I implement the ...

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5. A parameter from servlet to applet

Hey all. I'm having a bit of a dilema. I have an applet whose init() contains: public void init {... resized = getParameter("resized"); System.out.println("The value of resized=" + resized); if (resized != null)loadBaseApplet(); else getContentPane().add(getLoginBox(), BorderLayout.CENTER); ... } Here's how the servlet gets called from within the applet... public void resizeApplet() { resized = "t"; try { getAppletContext().showDocument(new URL("http://localhost:8080/servlet/ResizeApplet"), "_self"); } ...

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