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1. how to pass as parameter of two dimensional string array in jsp and how to use it in servlet?

function takeListBoxValue()
        var selectArray = new Array();   

2. Using multiple parameters from an array in a servlet

Here is the HTML from my .jsp page:

  <td><input type="checkbox" name=<%=editID%>COM /> </td>    
  <td>blah blah</td>
  <td>blah blah</td>
So here the user will select checkboxes and ...

3. Pass array from JSP as parameter to JavaScript function

I have an array of values that I want to pass in as a parameter to a Javascript function. For instance, something like:

<% ArrayList<String> arr = NodeUtil.getValues(); %>
<input type="button" name="submit" ...

4. Is it possible to inline an array/list as a tag parameter?

Hello, I'm using code generation to generate JSP documents and would like to be able to pass selection values to my custom select field tag as follows as opposed to dynamically building a List via scriptlets and passing the list as my "items": When I try this, I get the following stack trace. I've tried several varations ...