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1. How To Read Context Parameters From a Restlet?

When using Restlets, how can I read configuration parameters passed in through web.xml? With servlets, context-param can be used. How do I read context parameters from within a ...

2. Accessing context parameters within Servlet Filters

Thanks to everyone in advance, I am trying to access any context parameters in the web.xml from within a servlet filter. Below is a portion from my web.xml file. I have verified ...

3. DD elements, and both use the getInitParameter() method

DD elements <context-param> and <init-param> both can be retrieved by the getInitParameter() method, in the servlet code. Now the question is, how does it differentiate <context-param> and <init-param>?

4. How can I read context parameter/web.xml values in a non-servlet java file?

I've got a regular java file that I use to update and query a mysql database but I need to take configurable options in that file (like host name, password, etc) ...

5. Accessing servlet context parameters from a CDI extension

I'm trying to write a CDI extension that needs to access the context parameters defined in web.xml via <context-param>. I think there are two ways of doing this:

  • Somehow get the ServletContext ...

6. Class object as a context parameter in jsp

This is related to a jsp web application.. Can i store object of some class as a context parameter and then write a listener for the context to initialize the object. ...

7. Retrieving Context Parameters

8. Getting context parameters

10. context parameters from jsp

11. servlet config and context parameters

12. accessing context parameters with out using declaration tag

you can get it in two ways using EL suppose you have an object named "testObj" in session scope which you have created using setAttribute for getting it in jsp 1. ${} -------- assuming that testObj has a property called name 2. ${} Finally include the below taglib directive <%@ taglib prefix="c" uri=""%>

15. JNDI Initial Context Parameters

16. Servlet Context parameters

Hi , I am reading Head First Servlet and JSP . and in one of the examples they have used the context parameter in the web.xml , my question is if the context parameters are for the entire application then they should be declared in some tag at application scope and not web.xml . If i have a simple web-app and ...