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1. How can I give EL expressions as parameters in nested jsp 2.0 tags?    stackoverflow.com

I want to do something like this to call a JSP 2.0 tag:

<mytags:foo abc="<%=def%>">
  <mytags:bar ghi="<%=jkl%>"/>
Where Strings def and jkl are defined earielr in the jsp file. Suppose my ...

2. custom EL function that takes no parameters - possible?    stackoverflow.com

I created an EL function that takes no parameters:

  <function-signature>java.lang.String noArg()</function-signature>
I invoke it as follows in a jsp:
<c:set var="myvar2" value="${ mytags:noArg() }"/> 
<c:out value="${myvar2}"/>
This works and ...

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I want to use a method in JSP using EL that has a parameter. But EL doesn't support parameters in methods. Actually I want to show a table, which has a ...

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6. EL not being evaluated before passing as parameter to custom tag    coderanch.com

I created a custom tag to take in a number (stored as a String) and output a dash if it's blank, or otherwise the input gets displayed. Here's an example of the tag in use on a JSP: The problem is that the EL is not being evaluated before being passed back to the tag handler. Aside ...