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1. struts2: jsp include with parameters

when I include jsp either by jsp:include or by s:include and specify parameters - they are perfectly accessible by EL ${param.XXX} but not by OGNL %{#parameters.XXX}. WHY??? What should I use ...

2. JSP include with parameters usage simple question

How should I access the param1 value from the included jsp (navMenu.jsp)?

<jsp:include page="navMenu.jsp" >
    <jsp:param name="param1" value="menu" />

3. Passing complex parameter to jsp include

In my main jsp I am including another jsp to display a fragment of the page. I need to pass a parameter to this include: I know about:

<jsp:param name="param2" value="value2" ...

4. JSP: how to include a page with get parameters?

I need to include a page from an external application in one of my pages. Now this page expects a get parameter. So the url would be something like /x/y?z=123. I was thinking:

<jsp:include page="/x/y?z=${zParam}"/>
But ...

5. passing a parameter using JSP include directive

I need to pass a parameter to a page using JSP include directive find my code below:

var gTIID

function showPlayerList(pTIID) 


7. parameter in include

9. Passing an object parameter to an included file

Greetings all, I'm a JSP newbie so I'm hoping someone can point out where I'm going wrong here and give me a helping hand. The situation is that I'm iterating through a collection of objects and outputting html accordingly. The problem is that I'm using a to pass the object to an included file and so I'm only getting to ...

10. passing parameters to included jsp file

Hi, I have one question.i have written a reusable navigation bar as a jsp page.i am planning to include this file in other jsp problem is i want to enable some buttons while disabling others depending upon the situation. is there a way by which i can pass parameters to the navigation bar jsp page so as to disable some ...

11. Parameters and JSP includes