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1. is there any wayout to set init parameter in servletconfig or servletContext object?

if i want to modify init-parameter value in any of ServletContext or ServletConfig. any want it to be updated after servlet is destroyed by container. is there any wayout?

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Hi Abhishek, Your code is perfectly legal. No error in your code. I think there is some configuration problem. Check your web.xml file for servlet configuration and servlet mapping. If you would change in your web.xml just restart the server and try it in browser. Hope it will helps you. If you have same problem again give me your web.xml file. ...

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I'm trying to grab initialization parameters for my servlet, based on params established in my deployment descriptor. Yet my servlet can't find any of them (returns nulls). This is in my deployment descriptor snippet for a particular servlet: myapp myParam abcd com.test.servlets.MyServletController Yet, in my servlet, it cannot read any of the initialization parameters (in ...

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