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1. Unable to pass none string parameters to TAG files    stackoverflow.com

I'm using JBOSS 4.0.2 with JSP 2.0. I have created a TAG file with the following directives:

<%@ attribute name="id" required="true" %>
<%@ attribute name="upgradeAccount" type="com.upc.domain.UpgradeAccountData" %>
However, when I try to pass an ...

2. JSP parameter names in HttpServletRequest    stackoverflow.com


Using Eclipse Helios, Apache Tomcat, JSPs, and JBoss RichFaces. Input parameters are coded as follows:
<h:inputHidden name="system_REPORT_RESOURCE" value="city" />
<h:inputHidden name="system_REPORT_FILENAME" value="city" />
<h:inputHidden name="report_REPORT_TITLE" value="City Listing" />
... and others ...


The following code shows the ...